Welcome, World!

Goldmaking 101

I am no stranger to the world of gold making (or World of Warcraft, as it happens) and after much contemplation, I’ve decided to share my goblin thoughts with the world. I consider myself to be an incredibly casual player, and my hope is to show you that you don’t have to be any particular ‘type’ of goblin to make gold. Anyone can do it and you can be as casual or hardcore as you want. There are a number of methods out there, and I’m hoping to help anyone who might be straggling a bit to find their niche. Or at least to help explore those niches with you so that you will find your own gold making passion.

Things I want to cover include delving into TradeSkillMaster (an addon that I consider essential in my own personal gold making habits), farming, crafting, other goblins, building good habits, and everything in between. I am contemplating offering premium content in the future at some point, and adding things like streams and YouTube videos – but for now, we’ll take things slow (mostly because my internet is 5mb/s with .03 upload and my tin cans can’t handle the bandwidth).

Right from the get-go I will say I have a pretty low tolerance for disrespect. Just because we love to make gold doesn’t mean we can’t be nice about it and I am much more interested in fostering good community skills than I am trying to get a jump ahead of someone in a video game. I am absolutely NOT hardcore. That might mean that I’m not the gold making goblin you’re interested in following and that is perfectly OK. There’s lots of other content out there for all sorts of people.

Who am I outside of gold making? I’m a former community manager for Carbine Studios (a-la WildStar), now turned full time Mom of two littles, with a side of school (I’m taking French, hoping to get my BA). I love playing World of Warcraft and supporting fellow community members. I have been playing WoW in one form or another since release, but certainly not only WoW, I’ve played…a lot. I have a long history with video games (let’s face it, who doesn’t these days) and writing about them. I used to write for Beckett Massive Online Gamer (magazine in the US that is sadly no longer produced) as well as MMORPG.com. I live in the far North of Canada at an isolated post, hence the horrible internet and surplus of free time on my hands when my littles are down for the night.

Questions? Comments? Things you’d like to see covered? You’re welcome to drop me a message, respond to a post, ping me on discord, or twitter. I’ll do my best to respond.


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

4 thoughts on “Welcome, World!”

  1. I would very much love if you could set up a “101” guide for making selling crafting and buyiong operations and the decision behind them


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