Organization in Gold Making

One of the things I love most about making gold is that there are a ton of different ways, and everyone can do it their own. Me? I prefer organization.

I sell transmog on one character. I sell pets on another. I sell reagents / recipes on yet another. Then I have one character who sells crafted items. I assign different auction operations to each of these, and I adjust the time they’re left up on the auction house depending on the groups, too. For example transmog which I know is a slow seller, I leave up for the full duration and I don’t cancel scan. Reagents I leave up for the shortest duration and sometimes I cancel scan if I feel like it. Pets I also leave up for the shortest duration.

Then there are my daily routines. The price of spirits of harmony is through the roof on my server and I don’t particularly enjoy farming them, so I have 10 characters set up to do Halfhill farm. Sometimes I don’t bother, but getting 10 spirits a day is quite nice, for minimal work.

I also do my mission tables and Shadowlands weeklies on 12 characters. Doing the world boss on Tuesday helps me earn enough anima to last the week without doing any of the extra dailies. I keep their tables running (I usually just do the gold missions, but also drift to pet charms and reagents depending).

If I have a bit of extra time, I’ll spend 1h a day harvesting. What I harvest depends on what I’m in the mood for. I have three characters set in speed gear for harvesting (druid, hunter, and shaman). I also have a demon hunter set up for dungeon runs though I enjoy using the paladin a great deal and earning plate transmog. I very rarely harvest anything current tier, but prefer to spend my time in old world zones.

I also pick one day a week to restock crafting goods. I’ll get into this after the weekend in more detail including how to use TSM to restock. All of this is pretty low maintenance, and with time it just becomes habit. For me, making good habits and organization is absolutely key to making gold. Plus, it’s just plain fun.


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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