Dungeon Dive (gold edition): 100 runs of Sunwell

You see those YouTube videos all the time, “I ran abc123 dungeon 100 times, and made a billion million gold!” so why not in blog format. I’ve been running Sunwell 10x in a row on a speed geared druid I have to show off the millions of gold you can make.

Except you won’t make millions of gold, because when you loot an item it doesn’t translate into an instant sale. No matter what server you’re on. I’m going to break down these posts into 10 run increments and I’ll keep a tally of what sells / doesn’t sell over the weeks as I write about it. You can see I’m using the region market value avg as my price point, and during my first 10 runs, LootAppraiser thinks I’ve got enough items for 267,948 gold. I did loot one interesting recipe (Vengeance wrap) and a handful of smaller recipes (sunblessed breastplate), but honestly nothing was very fascinating. One week after this run, and nothing has sold. I kept anything with a sale rate of 0.02 or higher, or anything worth 5,000g+ I did make a grand total of 453g in raw gold, but considering it took me 45 minutes to run these 10 dungeons, that’s not exactly something to write home about.


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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