Weekly Wrap Up [Mar6-13]

How did this casual goblin do last week in sales? According to the TSM ledger, not too shabby at all. I spent a total of 170,476 gold, and I sold 609,029 worth of items, leaving me with a 7 day profit of 438,553. Remember, making gold is something that does take time and the more time you can invest in it, the bigger the payout. For the amount of time I spend actively working towards making gold I am incredibly pleased with this amount. Keep in mind I am not crafting any fancy shadowlands gear. I have none of my legendary leveled, and I only just recently (as of yesterday) unlocked the latest crafters marks.

A large portion of my gold this week actually came from the vendor. HALF of all my gold, in fact. I bought the supplies for composite bows at a very cheap price, and I made a lot of them. Below is what I spent:

You can see I bought thread, bones, and leather. Then I sold everything I crafted to vendor (that’s the ‘unknown at the top of the sales item list).

I also made a huge purchase of korthite crystals. I bought 510 of them for 435g. At the start of the week these were selling for around 600g and I sold off about half of my stock at that price. I still have 210 left, and the price has dipped back down to around 410g so I am hanging onto them for now. I sold some progenitor essentia that I looted for 30k because I expect the cost of the 291 legendary base to fall once more people unlock the item, and I’m also not really concerned about owning one myself. I don’t run anything more than LFR these days, and my ilevel is already well above the requirement to run dailies.

The next surprise I encountered was just a ‘right place at the right time’ moment. On Sunday someone bought out almost all of the laestrite ore. I had purchased around 800 of them for 1-2g the previous week. They were reset to 25g each and I put my 800 up – and they actually sold. I was quite pleased with this, to say the least.

Not really any other surprises in sales this week, it’s my usual mash up of crafting + flips. I have some non-gold making related goals that I’d like to accomplish, so I’ve been spending my precious moments in game doing that (silly things like finishing each covenant story once, reaching 80 in each covenant, and obtaining faction on my four main crafters). I expect sales to slow down now that the buying phase of 9.2 has cooled off a bit, at least on my low pop servers. We’ll just have to see next week!


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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