Challenge Wednesdays – 2

Last week I wrote about a new challenge where we take a character I had at 47 and see if she can earn enough gold for a token on a brand new server with limited playtime (one hour a day). Turns out life conspired a bit and I wasn’t able to play nearly as much as I had hoped, limiting my gold making even further. How did she do?

I did manage to level the druid from 47 to 53. One thing that really helps when it comes to making gold is being at least level 60. Yes, you CAN make gold just fine if you’re not level 60, but there are so many less worries and more options when you take leveling out of the equation. Doing pet battles rewarded me with a handful of stones that increase the rarity of your pet that could be sold on the auction house, and I sold one for 10k which gave me a pretty nice nest egg of cash to get started with. I didn’t have bags so I had to get that sorted, and my druid also didn’t have any gear, so I purchased a few pieces for her (at level 53 she’s now at ilevel…. 45). That left her with a grand total of 6k and some change for the week. Not anywhere near enough for a token. We’ll get there, hopefully.

I also picked up two gathering professions for her, she’s sporting herbalism and mining. I gathered some silverleaf and sold it for 8g each, which net me about 250g. Remember I’m not using TSM or any other addons for this challenge, just to keep things interesting. I’m also not flipping anything in the AH, so most (if not all) of my gold will probably come from farming and quest rewards.

Setting her up with a covenant will be next on my plate, as well as getting to 60 so she can have some fun in ZM. Maybe she’ll be able to harvest an essentia or two to help pay for that token before they completely fall through the floor in value. It looks like they’re already hovering around 15k on this server, well below where they were last week. Flying makes them easier to obtain, and I expected that they may not be the greatest cash making item for too long. It’s important to take advantage of these things before they crash, and being one step ahead of buyers and market tends to take a lot of energy and attention. Anyway, to afford a token players need to make roughly 7,000 gold per day. Here’s hoping I can get closer to that goal this week.


Author: Stargrace

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