Weekly Wrap Up [Mar13-20]

Last week I had a profit of 438,553g and this week we surpassed that slightly, 711,183g profit for the week. I also spent a lot more this week, 317,191g vs. last week 170,476g. I bought a bunch of recipes, mounts, and crafted goods and swapped them over to my low population server to see how they’d sell. Long story short – they haven’t sold yet (well, a mount did and some Shadowlands craft goods). There are no raid guilds on my server and moving expensive materials like this takes a long time. Most of my gold this week came from a few very expensive items and without those items I’d have barely made anything.

A fel hardened maul recipe that I had farmed up ages ago finally sold for a hefty profit, and just below it, those composite bows I’ve been selling to vendor. I sold five progenitor essentia before the market crashed (they’re less than 10k now on my low population servers) and I flipped a great sea ray mount for 100k that I purchased for 65k. I also finally had a sale from my sunwell runs, my vengeance wrap sold for almost 40k.

Solenium rings (ilevel 151) are still selling VERY well for me, I sold 6 last week, at around 3k each. The rest of my sales came from a very odd and confusing mixture of old world materials. I sold some nether dragonscales which I don’t think have ever sold before, along with khorium bars, arcane crystals, thick clefthoof leather, and motes of fire. Glyphs also did pretty well, but I really need to focus on restocking properly, and setting aside a restocking day. My tailor also needs to restock.

If you’re wondering where to get those fancy stats at, you can check it out on the TSM ledger . Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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