Challenge Wednesdays – Update #3

Ah. So er, about that Wednesday Challenge I started up back on March 9th – what ever happened to that? I did write a second post, and then it sort of fell to the wayside as I got distracted by other shinies. It hasn’t quite been a month yet, so let’s see what (if any) progress has been made.

The challenge was to take a new character (who was level 50) to a new server, where I had zero alts, playing only one hour a day (or a max of 7 hours per week) and see how much gold I could make.

At the time of this post, the character has just over two days played, and I just finally managed to ding level 60! She is also not completely broke, she has earned 53k from sales. I picked up mining and herbalism on this character, but I’m contemplating swapping them around and picking up a craft on top of a harvest.

Here comes the problem – I leveled up with pet battles, so this character has an ilevel of 48. What I’m hoping, is that I can pick up some easy ZM loot and maybe even get a piece or two from doing the regular SL dailies. She’s wearing heirloom that capped at 50 (I haven’t bothered to upgrade) but gearing up shouldn’t be *too* much of an issue. My reluctance comes from not wanting to spend any gold. Of course.

It doesn’t help that I’ve barely played the character aside from a brief stint with harvesting, and putting battle pets for sale that she leveled up. Honestly, I had lost my enthusiasm for this challenge before it even really started, but I’m determined to continue to give it a good and proper go. Let’s see what we can do.


Author: Stargrace

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