Challenge Wednesdays: Update #4

I adjusted the challenge a bit this round – I have a lot of horde characters, and this new server I’m on happens to be alliance heavy, so I swapped my Wednesday challenge character from a Tauren, to a Night elf. I’m hoping the change of scenery helps motivate me to stick with the challenge – but if not, at least I’m trying.

Last week the character was at 53k – this week she’s at 62k. She had an ilevel of 48 and is now sitting at 151 which is still not very respectable, but I’m getting some where. I spent a little gold on a few upgrades, and the rest came from ZM. I also switched my professions around slightly. I dropped herbalism, and picked up blacksmithing – which I know, is pretty useless for a druid, but they DO get a lot of transmog items to craft. It’s also a profession that I have the least experience with, which helps in the enjoyment factor. I might switch this to JC so that it’s both useful and profitable. I like BS because I get a lot of lockboxes and wanted keys.

I spent some time this week relaxing and farming dungeons for transmog. Since I’m on a medium population roleplay server, I’m hoping to see some sales. I’ve sold a handful of pets, and a few craft supplies, but not a lot else (yet). I’m building up my stock, right now it’s only 100 items. Each week I hope to at least double that, and I’d love to be in a comfortable position where this challenge character is making a token a month or even more. We’ll just have to see! Even as an experienced goblin, starting from scratch isn’t always so easy. I still have to learn the market, learn the character, and build stock. That’s what the challenge is all about though, isn’t it.


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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