Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell (41-50)

(I’m posting this late and going back in time a bit, the actual run took place on April 11th).

This week was pretty good as far as Sunwell dungeon runs go! Last week our worth was only 19389g – and this week we’re at 79230g – I did change the noteworthy items to only ping after 500g instead of 100g because gems were setting it off before, and I also made sure to swap it back to TSM: Region Market Value Avg for the ‘value’ of items.

I also decided to make these runs a bit easier for me to track, previously I’d just stick everything up on my AH character and then guess if something sold. Now, I have a new character named ‘HunDun’ (hundred dungeons, in case you didn’t get that). I send everything over to her, and then I can get a better picture of what is selling (if anything) and I can see how much market value ‘stuff’ I have up on the AH just from these fun little runs. When I finish with Sunwell, I’ll move on to something else and swap her goods over to my regular AH characters.

Not only did we have a pretty good run this time – but – one of my more expensive patterns finally sold! That’s the second recipe of note that has sold, the first one going for 40k. If we calculate that 50 runs is 5 hours (it’s less, but we’ll just average upwards) that means we’ve made approximately 23,200 gold per hour in actual sales.

That’s not too shabby! Of course, RNG is going to RNG. Remember I’m playing on a low population server (15,000 according to Raider.io) and sales are going to differ all over the map. Still, it has been a fun challenge so far, and one I’m looking forward to exploring further.


Author: Stargrace

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