Weekly Wrap Up [Apr3-Apr10]

It was a pretty poor week for gold making for me, and there’s really no excuse except that as I have mentioned before I have multiple sclerosis and sometimes it prevents me from playing – that’s what happened this week. I was able to relist my auctions, but I did zero farming, didn’t do any covenant dailies/weeklies, I didn’t craft, and didn’t make any progression in any ways that mattered. I still made gold – just not as much as I ‘normally’ make. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, making gold ebbs and flows, and I can’t blame myself for physical limitations. I have to realize that it’s simply a part of *waves hands* all this, for me.

Looking at where the gold came from – pretty easy to see. I sold two strange goops, some progenitor essentia (that continue to fall in price), and glyphs. Shoulder inscriptions also continue to be a nice seller, though I believe I need to restock (I actually need to restock on everything, slacker that I am). There is just so much to stock up on, and with my limited play time sometimes I find it overwhelming. I suppose I’m thankful that I’m not heavily invested in the legendary market.

Hopefully my health issues allow me to focus a bit more in-game this week, though I do have a major move across the country coming up in May, so I imagine gold making will decrease significantly until we’re settled in. In the mean time, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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