Challenge Wednesdays: Update #5 [Completed]

Well, that sure didn’t last long. This is the 5th weekly update on my challenge Wednesdays, where I was hoping to earn enough gold for a token (NA) with a bunch of limitations. As a refresher for anyone who hasn’t been following along, those limitations were:

  1. No flipping, farmed items only
  2. Playing only 1h a day (or less) for a total of 7h per week
  3. No help from alts

I started with a 47 horde druid who had 350 gold. I leveled her to 60 through pet battles, and then started doing ZM with her. I farmed dungeons, sold some pets – and sold materials. I honestly wasn’t really trying too hard until the past two weeks where I made a more solid effort.

I started doing my covenant dailies/weeklies with regularity, and I started paying attention to the mission table. It wasn’t a ton of gold, but it was starting to add up, and I found myself at 82k near the end of last week.

I switched her from horde to alliance just in case I wanted a guild – I’m playing on a medium population roleplay realm that I’ve never played on before. My two steady servers are both low population.

Then I decided to spend some time fishing, and as RNG would have it, I caught a strange goop after 231 casts. That’s just over an hour of fishing. I sold it for 110,000 gold; and that completed my challenge. I’ve made over the amount for a token, doing pretty much nothing at all. I didn’t use any fancy tricks – and when it comes to making gold, a good portion of it IS going to always be RNG. Whether you’re hoping for a drop, hoping for a snipe, hoping for a flip, or just wanting specific covenant dailies to be up to complete them as fast as possible RNG is a part of the gold making process. How much RNG you decide to incorporate into yours is completely up to you. I just happened to get lucky.

So now I have to decide what to do with this character, do I continue on building this 190k gold I have, do I buy a token and cut my losses and go back to my original servers, or do I do something completely different. For now, I’ll be sticking around. It’s fun to play on a new server. I do miss having my army of alts, but maybe over time that too will change.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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