Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell (51-60)

I’ve completed my 60th run of Sunwell, and this week earned a potential gold value of 68,237g – higher than last week, but only by about 10k or so. It was mostly recipes that dropped, but I did also get some epic beast mastery pants. Speaking of last week, I mentioned that I moved all of the dungeon run loot to a new character so that I could better track what actually sold. That was immediately after I sold a recipe for 76k – let’s see what we’ve sold since then.

Not a heck of a lot, it turns out. Most of the gold earned has been to the vendor. Anything with a low sale rate or a value of less than 500g went straight to the vendor. I did sell some Crimson Spinel gems, but I don’t end up keeping a lot after these runs. On the AH I have 58 auctions worth a grand total of 198,039g on my low population server.

How much of that will sell? I’m honestly not sure, it’s very random. Some recipes I own are repeats that I posted up when I should have just added one to the AH, and others are just items I was curious about. It’s lovely to get a few unique recipes and even more lovely when they sell, but on my low population servers sales are still far and few between.

Estimated total: 505,783g


Author: Stargrace

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