Saturday: Guess Who

I have always found gold making to be a neat social experiment. Talking to other goblins, creating friendships across social platforms – maybe not necessarily joining up in game, but we tend to do that too. Just take a look at Booty Bay and the folks who are hanging around.

There’s an addon called InspectGold that is currently maintained by Vahdis and when you inspect a player it adds a new tab called ‘gold’ it basically just takes the gold making components of the achievement window (which you can access if you inspect someone) and shows you the numbers. If you want to see this on your own characters you can just hit Y and go to the statistics tab of your achievements.

There are less goblins hanging out in Booty Bay these days since with the Brutosaur mount there’s less reasons – but you can still spot super rich and brand new goblins there. If you’re like me and fascinated by how everyone else is doing, you may want to install the addon and take a peek around. So far the screenshot above is the richest goblin I’ve found, Forywithlove from the Sargeras server is a level 60 monk who has made over half a billion gold on this one character.

That’s right, these achievements are per character.

I love reaching out and talking to goblins and use it as motivation and inspiration in my own gold making endevours, so if you happen to spot me in game at Booty Bay (I hang out there even though I have my bruto) be sure to say hello!

Next Saturday I’ll feature someone else hanging around Booty Bay, who knows, it might be you!


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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