Weekly Wrap Up [Apr10-17]

Significantly better this week when it comes to sales, I made over a million gold, which was also over a million gold profit. Last week my profit was 356,858g and this week I’m looking at 1,170,390. It just shows how much things can fluctuate – and how much you can make if you’re actively trying. This week I did more mission tables, more quests, and a lot more farming. I did zero shadowlands legendaries or 233/262 gear.

Most of the gold comes from selling the strange goop mount that I’ve been fishing up. I spend 1-2h fishing and sometimes longer when my hands are doing poorly due to MS. It’s one of the few activities I can do that don’t wreck havoc with my body, because there’s very little movement involved. I use the addon FishingBuddy that lets me bind fishing keys, and so far it has worked out lovely. I got VERY lucky with my casts this week. There were a few nights I was fishing 3 up in a two hour period. That’s not common for me.

I also managed to fish up a Great Sea Ray from BFA – much more rare than strange goop, so far I’ve only found one. Those BC plans that I looted while doing my 100 runs of Sunwell are on there, as well as the big red raygun I farmed a few of (and subsequently raised the price of). Interestingly enough my next largest sale is actually ZM fish. I’m not sure what they’re used in, but they’re selling pretty well. I did a little marrowroot farming, and there’s some of my usual mish mash in there as well, pets, crafted glyphs, a couch toy that I flipped.

I did also spend over 100k this week, mostly because I was testing out the new sniper addon and looking for things to purchase. Few of them have resold, but I’m hoping over time it will pay off. I have never been a big buyer, but I do like to browse. I’m also just not on enough servers nor do I have enough time to really play with the big goblins.

Still, for the amount of effort I put in I am incredibly pleased with this week’s wrap up. Goal is to keep it up – probably won’t happen, it’s going to be a very long week and then I have a cross country move looming, but I shall do my best!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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