[New] Wednesday Challenge – Rags to Riches

The last Wednesday challenge was a huge success (gold wise) but I felt a bit cheated out of it. The goal was to make enough gold for a token with limited play time, and once I focused it became almost too easy to do. On that ‘new’ server I now have 1.5 million gold after less than 2 months of playing there, less than 7h a week. I decided it was time for a new challenge.

YouTube is filled with videos of people who take an item like.. a paperclip, and trade up until they have a house. Why not apply that to gold making! This will be a challenge that will teach me (and perhaps others) about making gold by ONLY using the auction house.

I started a new level 10 Vulpera Monk on a medium population RP server. They start with 1g – and that’s all I’m allowing myself as far as gold is concerned. No crafting, no questing, no adventuring. I have access to my bruto, and a mailbox. I will note one stipulation here, I AM allowed to use a vendor. To start this challenge it’s almost essential (but maybe I’ll do a hardcore version in the future where even that is limited).

The very first thing I did was use TSM to scan for items that were priced under vendor. Now this was going to either be a big hit or a big miss for me. I only had 1g to spend, I needed items that people were selling for less than that. A lot of miss priced items tend to be higher priced. So this is one very easy way beginners can potentially get gold – if there are items there to buy.

Turns out there was. Someone was selling almost 600 protoflesh for 6s each – they sell to vendor for 6s25c – I know, what a TINY profit, right? But that’s the nature of the challenge. I bought up enough and sold to vendor until I had over 2g – and then I bought the sunmotes that were for sale. Someone was selling these for 2g each – and they vendor for 2g25s. Much larger profits. Someone was selling truffles for a few silver, and they vendor for 18s75c – and slowly, piece by piece, my gold grew.

I’m now sitting at 44g21s and I have barely done anything except sell a few things to vendor. In the meantime, I’m also running sniper (not constantly, we’ll say 15 minutes here and there) hoping that I catch a lucky break. It would have to be INCREDIBLY lucky considering I only have 44g to spend. My goal is to build up my stock pile of gold by vendor flipping until I have around 100g and then I’m going to start branching into some markets. What markets? I don’t have the faintest idea yet.

Things I’ll have to be careful of? Listing fees. These can very easily be the death of this challenge. I’ll need to make sure I post things that are going to move, or buy them so cheap that it won’t matter. Or buy things that have very low listing fees (most recipes, all pets). Normally I’d just buy a handful of pets for a few silver, level them to 25 because it’s so fast, and post them back on the AH at a premium – but since I’m removing any method of gold making that does not involve the AH for this challenge, that’s not an option.

I don’t have a timeline set up or anything for this challenge, but I will post it each Wednesday and we’ll see how things are going. I’m expecting it will be a magnificent failure but I should learn a lot. Here’s hoping, in any case.

Edit: Oh dang! I got lucky while sniping, and snagged these two items. Thing is, I’ll need to price them to move because I absolutely want to be using that gold and not have potential profit tied up in the AH.


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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