Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell (81-90)

Let’s do a recap for the new visitors to the blog. I’ve been running 100 runs of Sunwell Plateau (yes this is a raid zone before someone wants to explain to me that it’s not actually a dungeon) avoiding named, and killing trash for recipes / transmog / gems. Not only am I sharing what I loot in each group of 10 runs, but I’m hoping to give a more realistic view on what you can expect by tracking how much gold is actually acquired. It’s very easy to say “I ran 100 runs of this and LOOK I have a potential profit of 1,000,000,000 gold!” when in actuality the number is much lower.

Right now I’ve run the zone 90 times, which works out (rounded up) to approximately 9 hours of game play (in truth it’s just over half of that). I’ve made over 150,000 gold from actual sales / vendor fodder which puts my gph (gold per hour) at around 16,666 – which isn’t too bad considering I have a lot of items still for sale. I’m on a low population server, so things take some time to move. I’m also spreading out my dungeon runs weekly when you can easily do them closer together or do more dungeons. I put all of the dungeon run items on a single character so I can better track what I’m selling and so it doesn’t get mixed into my regular sales (then on the TSM chart I can just see what that single character sold). This also accounts for my posting fees and lets me know if I think doing this runs is ‘worth it’. Remember how you value your time is going to be unique to you. I can’t tell you if something is worth while to do, that’s just one of the things you learn through experience. While 16k gph is a bit on the low side, if I manage to sell the left over bits while no longer farming the zone, that gph will go up (minus the time it takes me to list the item). So far, Sunwell seems very much worth the time it takes to run it, but do be careful of burning out.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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