Weekly Wrap Up [May8-May15]

Another week has come and gone – and while last week profit hovered around the 300k mark, this week profit reached 1,058,25g. Thanks in part to a whole lot of fishing I was doing. The strange goop used to originally be around 1500 casts average – when Blizzard boosted the drop rates of other items in the zone, it shifted to around 1000 casts per average. Last week I noticed that it shifted once again, and is back to the 1500 average per cast. Of course RNG being what it is, you might not catch one until 6000 casts (as is the case for a few over on WoWhead) or you might get lucky like me and catch one after 10 casts (this was the case last night). I’ve caught 38 strange goops over a three month period now (maybe four? I forget when ZM came out honestly) and I tend to stock up two on each server I play on, and then forget about them until they sell. Once they’ve sold I go and try to stock up again.

It was a great week for crafted goods. I sold a set of mage tower plate gear, and some glyphs. A handful of recipes and my other mish mash of randomness rounded out the rest of the sales. Of course strange goop was supreme, I sold 8 of them over the course of the week. I’ve set my price to 110k each, so that each sale nets me at least 100k once the AH cut is taken. It’s not ‘difficult’ to fish, but it sure is boring.

No great snipes this week since I only ran sniper here and there (I picked up more pallid bone for 1g each, as well as desolate leather for under 2g) as I’m still dealing with all of the real life stuff going on. This isn’t expected to change any time soon and will in fact get even MORE hectic, but I am going to do my best to continue gold making through it all. I am trying to max out my crafters so they can get started collecting patterns. I have a set of horde and a set of alliance on two separate servers and crafted goods are some of my best sellers (minus those goops). My crafters are all over the place when it comes to leveling, I didn’t ‘settle’ on who I wanted doing what until Shadowlands. Now I’m comfortable with what everyone is set doing, I have gathering on my gatherers, and I have four main characters that I enjoy playing the most set as my ‘crafters’ so that no one extra has to work faction. That means while SL is leveled up on everyone and the faction is taken care of – very little of the old world stuff is. I’m trying to get one expansion done each day but some of the old world ones use a LOT of materials, and let’s face it I’m not a person who enjoys farming. I’d much rather buy it off of the AH – but there are supply issues on my low population server. A lot of stuff isn’t sold any more. So I have to do a little farming here and there to level them up, then I can sell the excess or hold onto it and craft some transmog and useful old world items to sell.

How are sales going for everyone else? I’m finding things are pretty much average, which is what I expect on my low population servers. I have some pretty great days mixed with not so great and in the end it all balances out.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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