Making Gold in a Decreasing Market

A few people have mentioned over in the WoW economy discord that their sales are slowing down, and that they’re having issues making gold at the tail end of Shadowlands – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t gold out there to be made. If anything, it’s one of the optimal times to make gold. Just not in the way that you may have been doing it at the start of the expansion. In the past, gold flowed from players gearing up. Legendaries were money printers to anyone who got in on the ground floor. Now – it’s the time for alts. 233 speed gear has been selling fairly well, but there’s no way for players to search for this gear on the AH without mousing over every single piece. Advertising in channels might net you more interest, or at least advertising what speed sets are, and that you’re selling. I think it’s a shame that Blizzard doesn’t allow people to search for these pieces of gear, there’s more than just the speed sets, too.

With the auction house merging sometime between who knows when and sometime during Dragonflight (commodities only) there are a number of players who are liquidating their raw materials under the assumption that overall the market will lower. While I do think the market will lower for some servers (ie: low population servers, where the prices are inflated) I do think that high pop / full pop servers will set the trends, and I don’t expect the commodity prices there to change too much. I could be completely wrong, I expect there will be a time of unbalance, but overall, I think we will see little change (on those types of servers).

What else can you do to make gold? Well, you’ve been hearing it for a while now and suddenly you’re paying attention when people are talking about callings and covenant tables. It’s not too late to level up that alt army and take advantage of those game features, we still have months before Dragonflight goes live. One of the easiest ways for reliable gold is to get those alts up and do those tables and callings. On days where callings are close together / all in the same zone, you can earn a surprising amount of gold.

It’s also a good time to revisit old gold making videos, check out those farms and see if they’re still valid today. I usually suggest NOT doing content from current YouTube videos because everyone else out there is also going to start doing them – but it’s a great time to go through and visit some of your favourite gold makers and see how well their videos have aged.

Garrisons? Halfhill farm? People are working on old achievements, and completing old task lists. They’re returning to the game with an experience bonus. Cater to those types of markets, and you’ll probably be surprised at how well you do.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


Author: Stargrace

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