Weekly Wrap Up [July 22-July28]

Well, this week I did a lot of spending, that’s what my charts are telling me. I earned 142,000 gold (approx) which is lovely, around 100k a week is where I like to sit, typically for the amount of effort I put in (which has been lacking, tail end of expansion and what not) – but I also leveled up some of my legendary ranks so that I could give my paladin some 291 boots, and I also bought a bunch of expensive toys, some mounts, and whatever else I wandered by that I felt I was lacking. Oh, and I set up my level 3 garrison on a few characters, too. That took a bunch of gold.

As for what’s selling, a few surprises this week. I sold another Big Red Raygun (I sold one last week, too), and some 233 crafted gear. A few recipes (my usual sales) and pets (also usual for me). I restocked the 233 gear, but haven’t had a bite since. Whether it’s from surrounding competition or just a lack of new & returning players on my low population server, I’m not sure.

Still, gold is gold! There was a time when making 140k in a week would have been unheard of for me. I’ve been doing more ‘stuff’ in game (I did timewalking this week!) and just enjoying myself. Surprisingly enough, that’s pretty important when it comes to gaming.

As always, happy goldmaking!


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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