S4 – Easy Gold?

I make it no secret that I play on two low population servers – one is RP, one is not. It’s where I’m most comfortable making gold, but you really have to know your server.

I had a few left over transfer tokens from when Blizzard had a sale a while ago, and besides my two low population servers, I also have characters on two high pop servers. One I sell Strange Goop on for some pocket change, and one I just use to buy pets on.

On my main server there are no mythic raid guilds so when S4 dropped and everyone was out there farming trash, there was nothing higher than 278 on the AH. I logged in to my high population server (I have a few 50s there), bought a handful of 291/304 gear and brought it back to my low population server.

There’s a ‘right’ price range where people will actively buy off of you, and then a price range where things will sit for a really long time. I’m pretty familiar with what people on my server are willing to pay, and I wanted my items to move before more stock was made available, so I tried to price accordingly.

I made almost 600k profit after taking into consideration the cost of the move and the cost of the items I purchased. I still have items for sale, but I’m happy with where I’m sitting at even if they take time to sell. I noticed some others have brought items to my server, but they haven’t moved yet. There’s no point in flooding my low population server with items, there will not be enough buyers. I’m still incredibly pleased with the results for what amounted to very little actual work.

The start of any new ‘thing’ typically always introduces some temporary way to make gold. Your goal is to try to figure out what that method is before it becomes too popular, before it gets fixed (Blizzard has since nerfed the drop rates of BOE), and before anything else changes to decrease the potential gold that you could make from it. THAT is why I love making gold in World of Warcraft. It’s not static, it’s never boring. It’s always changing, and you have to constantly adapt. When what you’re doing stops being profitable, it’s time to move onto the next thing. I tend to stay away from the FlavourOfTheMonth and use tried and tested methods that I know work where I am playing. It’s a risk, but after so many years it’s one that I’m usually fairly confident will pay off.

Have you been profiting from S4? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

2 thoughts on “S4 – Easy Gold?”

  1. Have made about 2M profit the last 4/5 days just off legendary cancelscanning on a second monitor, haven’t really gotten into BoEs myself though.

    Last time I did was when I spent the first week of Heroic and Mythic BoD pickpocketing trash until instance capped. Got nerfed 9 days in. Too risk averse to get into flipping lol even though I am very well off.


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