Road to 10 Million [22/365]

Time for another update on the road to 10 million gold (on a single server, with casual gameplay). Welp. So far this challenge has NOT gone the way I intended. I ended up focusing far more on a second server that I play on (that used to be behind this challenge, but is now way ahead). We are 22 days in – and have earned a total of 233,508 gold profit. That is just over 10k gold a day – if I keep on this route, I will FAIL the challenge of trying to earn gold cap on a single server. It certainly didn’t help that I ended up purchasing a piece of gear so my characters could raid (lol). I rarely spend gold on myself, but there are a few instances of it.

Meanwhile, take a look at the statistics of my second server, which I have been ‘unofficially’ tracking. It wasn’t supposed to be a part of this challenge, but the way things are headed, it might actually win.

On this server in 22 days I have made 2,000,000 gold (give or take) and that works out to approximately 90k each day, which is well above and beyond the 25k I was aiming for. This is the server I ended up moving stock to, and is another low population server. I hadn’t planned on trying to earn 10 million on both servers because of my limited play time, but now I’m wondering if I should just focus here instead. I’m just shy of 4 million gold, and it would sure be nice to reach cap.

I also need to take into consideration the fact that both of my accounts will need some game time in the future, though I’m hoping to see token prices drop before I need to do that. I’m not usually a big fan of shuffling items around from server to server to make gold, but if you’re confident in your market, it can be highly profitable. I didn’t end up shuffling these items to my other low population server because there was already a surplus if items there brought over by other goblins, and I knew sales would be slow. The more people gear up, the less demand there is for the 291/304 items.

Anyway, both challenges are technically still on track to reach 10 million by 365 days time, but my main server will require some serious work.

Time is money, friends!


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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