Bad Bugs? Gold Dupes? What is up with Progenitor Essentia Anyway?

Unless you follow the WoW Economy discord, it can be difficult to understand exactly what is going on with the massively bugged auction house during the past week, so I want to lay it out for people and explain what has been happening. A number of bugs have been going on with a number of items, but I’m going to just focus on the Progenitor Essentia because it has the largest area of effect.

Bug 1. On Tuesday when the auction house came up, if you cancelled any (commodity) items manually on the auction house, you received gold from that item 1h later as though it was a sale, and you also received the item back. This was ‘fixed’ on Tuesday night. Accounts were locked, but gold remained.

Bug 2. On Wednesday, it was discovered that even sales that were naturally expiring were creating gold as though they were sold. If you listed your items for 12h, 24h, or 48h before the fix went in on Tuesday night, chances are you received gold for ‘sold’ items that never actually sold. Gold remained from this bug, too.

Bug 3. Throughout the week the auction house would get ‘stuck’ and list a very low buy display (like the screenshot above, 1s) but you couldn’t actually buy the item because it had already been sold. However, if you had enough gold to move past the bugged ones, you could still buy essentia. It would miss-charge you for the average price that the ghosted ones displayed, and the buyer would get the full amount. Since players could not see the true price of the essentia, people started listing them at 5k-10k (and higher) and they were receiving the full amount for those sold, but the buyer was paying significantly lower. This bug was ‘fixed’ with a server restart. Blizzard started removing the gold that players owed for this one on Friday, but I haven’t seen any reports of gold removal happening over the weekend.

Bug 4. This bug is still active at the time of this post, though I’m guessing it might be solved after the restart today (Tuesday) – the default UI is miss pricing Essentia as the lowest being 1s (the lowest on NA is higher, around 3-4k). For new players, folks returning, or people just not paying attention, they’re pricing their essentia at crazy low prices and others out there have codded some addons / macros that allow you to snipe VERY fast using the ‘magic button’ addon. There is no dupe with this bug, but let’s be frank here, it’s still a bug. I understand that actual items are being priced at that actual price, but that’s NOT the way the system is intended to work. That’s why I’m classifying it as a bug.

There you have it, that’s what’s going on in the auction house, those are the most active bugs currently affecting the largest portion of the market. Hopefully we see a fix to all of these, and the economy can recover.


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