Weekly Wrap Up [Sept5-Sept12]

My ledger hasn’t actually updated for the day yet, there’s another 120k or so missing from the chart, but it was a really slow week as far as sales go. Yes, I did earn 405k profit for the week, but almost all of m y sales were at the beginning of the week (for a few reasons). Number one, the amount of time that I spend in game has been significantly reduced as I now homeschool my son – remember, time is money. The less time you spend doing gold making endevours, chances are, the less gold you’re going to make. I also spent a few days doing no gold making at all, not restocking, and instead I did pet battles and leveled up some alts. This is one of my favourite things to do in game, so it’s not a bad thing by any means, it’s just something that’s not usually productive when it comes to me making gold.

That being said, I did have some lovely sales for the week. I finally sold off the rest of that hardened elementium that I purchased (don’t do this thinking you can flip it, it’s annoying and frustrating), and I looted a singing crystal axe while farming TBC. I’ve started selling gear to level locked characters and most of my gold has come from that, with a few recipes, some pets, and the usual mish mash of items. I did a little bit of the JC vendor flip with deadly laestrite chokers, but not nearly as much as last week.

So I didn’t spend a lot of time working on gold making this week, but I am still pleased with a 400,000 gain. Ideally, I just want to be able to cover subscription costs for two accounts without it taking my entire wallet away. Right now the token is pretty high but I expect it to fall again once DF releases. I don’t think we’ll see a reason for it to drop before then. The token is high when people are buying things with in-game gold, right now that includes Wrath, excitement over Diablo, and the Blizzard store just had a sale. The token price drops when people have a reason to want gold – when a new tier of loot comes out, or another in-game reason for people to want gold. Right now since it’s the tail end of Shadowlands, people don’t need gold. They’ve already got their legendaires, fated raid BoE are on a downward trend in sales, and things are running their course. When DF releases people will want gold for gear, for commodity to level up their professions, for mail transmog and whatever else catches their attention.

I still see a lot of people complaining about their lack of sales, or the influx of competition in their markets – and my suggestion is to diversify. That’s the theme of the month. If something isn’t working for you any longer, it’s the perfect opportunity to find out what DOES work for you.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself. Time is money, friend!


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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