Road to 10 Million Gold (80/365)

Well, let’s face it – that’s a lot of zeros in the screenshot above. I had been doing fairly well on my goal to reach 10 million gold in 365 days (casually) and then hurricane Fiona hit and we lost power and internet service for 13 days, so my plans sort of went out the window. I was concerned for a little while that I may actually lose all of the items I had put up on the auction house, so I attempted to use some free wifi at our public library, but thankfully internet was restored.

On server A I’m currently sitting at: 4,915,000 gold

Server B I’m sitting at: 6,484,000 gold

I’m confident that I’ll be able to reach my goal of 10 million gold on each of these servers before a year passes (I’m currently on day 80), but I also have some expenses coming up. My 2nd account will need some game time before too long, Dragonflight is coming out, and I’ve been working on collecting recipes which is never a cheap prospect (unless you go and farm them all, and who has time for that).

I’m happy with the progress, but I really wish I hadn’t lost those two weeks. I’m also about to ramp up my gold making (hopefully) by getting back into professions – something I have avoided since the auction house merge while I waited for things to stabilize. It has been a bit of time now, and I’m hoping my server can handle a few sales. As a bit of a side hustle, I’m also doing some farming for twink gear over on another server that is separate from this road to 10 million challenge, and I’m having an enormous amount of fun over there. Spreading myself out when I already have limited play time is not something I enjoy doing but sometimes you just have to go where the fun is.

I’m glad to be back, happy to be posting, and even happier to be making gold again.


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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