An Experiment – Gold through Professions

As much as I love making gold, I have to admit that very little of it has been through professions (for the Shadowlands expansion at least, let’s be clear, in BFA all I did was make gold through crafting) – in specific, current tier professions. I do a lot of transmog farming, transmog crafting, a lot of pets, flips, and strange goop has been my Shadowlands bread and butter. I took a four month break in January of 2022 and I just never got into legendaries. I do have crafters marks unlocked, but I returned after Korthia was released, just before Zerith Mortis. I love professions and have a full set on both horde and alliance, but making gold from it was always just a bit of a background activity. Maybe it was burn out from scrapping, but Shadowlands just has not been crafting focused for me. Let’s not even start on how much I just plain don’t enjoy Shadowlands crafting. Anyway. After a chat with one of my twitch viewers, CmdrBondWoW, I decided to give it a shot.

I wondered if it was too late to start. We’re almost at Dragonflight, was there really any reason to even begin dipping my toes into Shadowlands crafting? Turns out the answer to that is yes. Sales are still happening, people are still buying gear, buying pets, buying transmog, and so I decided to set up my 8 characters (4 horde, 4 alliance) using a bare bones profile from Penguin. I love trying out profiles from different gold makers and seeing what portions work on my servers. I’m a huge fan of BilisOnyxia’s profiles, and Manthieus also has some behind his premium tier – and I do want to stress that before you use any other profiles, make sure you know what they are doing price-wise. I think Penguin’s are fantastic for beginners, they’re easy to adapt to what you personally want, and BilisOnyxia is absolutely for advanced users (and he’s more than willing to help you out with questions in his discord). I do have to say, if there was one goblin who I would love to see a profile from, it would be Kaychak. Probably one of the most underrated goblins I know who puts out amazing content.

Mage tower items have also been popular across both of my low population servers, with a really nice profit (these cost less than 100g to craft in most cases).

In the last 3 days I’ve made almost 100k, I cancel scanned maybe once, kept auctions on a 12h timer, and meant to restock the items I’ve sold but forgot. The bags caught me by surprise, I wasn’t expecting those sales. Jewelry was a big seller. This is on my lowest population realm (16k players).

Sales on my second low population server (17k) haven’t been as strong – but there’s a few factors for that. I don’t have the mage tower unlocks, and I didn’t have any raw resources to sell here like I did on my main server. I expect sales to be slower here because I’m simply not as invested. Remember, the more time (and effort) you can put into these things, the more you’ll see results.

This doesn’t include any sales I made outside of the Shadowlands profession profile that Penguin had – it didn’t include any strange goop, or my 3rd medium population server that I decided to attempt crafting on just for giggles. I’ve been on low population servers for so long that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to play anywhere else.

It will be interesting to see how this goes. I’m having fun, making gold is fun, and we all need something to tide us over until Dragonflight releases (and then the profession world gets turned upside down). You don’t HAVE to enjoy making profiles and learning TSM in order to make gold, but it sure helps.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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