Weekly Wrap Up [Oct31-Nov7]

Almost a million in profit for the week, for approximately 1h of game play each day (I spent it restocking my crafted goods, and a few cancel scans but not much). I did not do covenant tables, and I did not do any of my covenant missions or weeklies (I pretty much stopped when they removed the PvP quest from Oribos that rewarded a large chunk towards Patterns within Patterns). This week was all about the Strange Goop – and crafted gear.

I attempted to restock daily, but honestly that becomes so much of a chore at this stage in the game. I tried to craft a handful of each item so that I would have some stock to put up instead of cancel scanning, and for when things sold.

They sold well. I was surprised. I’ve gotten more sales in the past two weeks on my low population servers than I have in a very long time. People obviously have some gold to spend, and it’s lovely.

Hopefully this carries on to the next expansion, and I continue to make some gold there. In the meantime I’ve been leveling up alts, picking who I want to ‘main’ in Dragonflight (I use the term loosely, we all know I’ll be playing anyone who catches my attention) and enjoying the small break before all hell breaks loose. It’s a great time to explore the market. Don’t let others deter you there is no ‘bad’ time to get into gold making – within reason. I’m not getting into legendaries this late in the game for a reason, but everything else is fair game.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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