[RP] Arysh’ Short – 1

Brief glimpses of memories flashed past Arysh’ eyes, each one unrelated to the next.

Sitting on the floor of a room some where she could no longer remember, playing with some toys.
Fire. Burning. A heavy metallic scent in the air.
People screaming. She thought these might be family members, but she wasn’t sure why she thought that.

She tried to block out these thoughts by clenching her eyes shut, and then Arysh sighed when it became obvious that she wasn’t going to be getting any more sleep.
“Fine. Whatever.” She groaned softly and tossed the covers to the side. It was a new day, and she had work to do anyway. Who needed sleep.

Arysh walked over to the window of her sparsely decorated inn room, and drew open the blinds. Below her, the city of Valdrakken was already bustling with early morning vendors trying to hawk their wears. She could almost hear them calling out good morning to each another as they set up their display stands, eagerly waiting for the crowds that would be pushing through. She was hoping to join them, one day. For now she was just hoping to get a job. The partially open bag of gold coins on her desk was a constant reminder that her life savings wasn’t enough to get her very far, and that she had to think of a more permanent solution to her situation, soon.


Author: Stargrace

Just another gamer with too much time on her hands.

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