Unpopular Opinion: FOMO is what motivates goldmaking

With the release of Dragonflight everyone is looking for ‘the next big thing’ to sell on the auction house to players – before it gets nerfed. Maybe you were doing seed farms – nerfed. Maybe you were working up that crafting faction – nerfed (and apparently some ban waves along with that one). What I’m seeing a lot of in the WoW Economy discord is one person mentioning an awesome thing they’ve found – and then some people jumping right on that where they can, and then it slowly grows until a large portion are doing it and then it becomes less valuable.

The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is VERY strong at the beginning of an expansion. How many people wanted to dive right into Darkmoon Decks, investing millions of gold right from the get-go. Apparently that one isn’t paying off quite the way people expected, but I imagine December 12th may tell a different tale.

I love watching the conversations that happen at the start of a new expansion. Everyone is excited, and everyone is branching off in a million different directions. Some pay off, some don’t. Some are temporary gains, some are long term. Whatever your decision, the FOMO seems to hang overhead, just slightly out of reach. When you see other people doing something to make gold, YOU want to do that thing too. It’s almost instinctive.

The community I belong to has been pretty open and honest about their gold making methods, and that’s just another reason I love it. There’s no animosity, and while there IS competition, it’s a more good natured flavour than anything else. I’m reminding myself to keep the FOMO at bay, I don’t play on a high pop server where these sales are happening, and I don’t have the time to dedicate to owning the market. Still, when you see the millions rolling in, it’s hard NOT to want to be a part of that.

Weekly Wrap Up [Nov21-Nov28]

I spent the week relaxing and not doing much of anything at all, which absolutely shows in my gold making graph for this week. I have two strange goops that have been sitting and not selling, and I basically spent any game time I had working on leveling up my alts. I didn’t want to craft a lot of new gear (though it is absolutely still selling) and I ended up buying a bunch of stuff that I probably shouldn’t have bought.

It happens.

I found some darkmoon relic transmog for sale that was pretty cheap, a pet that I ended up taking a loss on because of my auction strings (fixed now, but still, it was a 75k mistake) and bits and bobs that I decided to pick up for whatever reason. Yes, it was a slow week – and I’m OK with that. Like I said, I spent the majority of my time this week leveling up alts and just relaxing before Dragonflight.

What does my plan look like going forward? I’m not one of those players who swaps professions every expansion, I tend to collect recipes, so I have a main set of four characters available who will work on faction. This expansion I’ve decided to go with my Demon Hunter as a main, she’s sporting JC and LW.

Alts include my paladin (Alch/BS), my monk (Eng/Insc), my priest (Tailor/Ench) and then two alts for gathering (a druid and an invoker). Since I cover all the main professions on four characters, those will be the ones working faction. The gathering characters will be more relaxed. Then I have a handful of other characters who can pick up crafting on a whim if that’s what I want / need. I don’t really like to min/max every single aspect of gameplay, and I haven’t settled down on a main in many expansions, so I think this list keeps me close to my goals and gives me the ability to diversify my product. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Guide: Using Point Blank Sniper & TSM to Snipe VendorSell Items

Have you ever wanted to snipe items that people priced under the vendorsell price? Well, it’s pretty easy to set up, and I’m going to show you how. A few notes first – this won’t make you millions of gold, but if you’re newly starting out on a fresh server, it might give you a starting point. It’s also just something fun to do here and there, maybe as a challenge mode type of gameplay. Remember, this is NOT for regular sniping, this is ONLY for sniping items to sell to vendor.


  1. You need to have Tradeskillmaster set up.
  2. You need Auctionator, & Point Blank Sniper.

The first thing you need to do, is you need to make a blank shopping list in Auctionator. I made a 1 item list to begin with, then I deleted it by hitting edit item. Hit enter to save, and then close the edit shopping list window.

It should look like the screenshot above when you’re done. I just called the list ‘vendor’ but you can call it whatever you’d like.

Then head on over to the sniping tab. Make sure you have your new shopping list selected. If you’ve got TSM installed you should see ‘vendorsell’ as a price source.

You’ll want to set the percentage to 99 or lower. I personally set mine to 96, so I’m not dealing with every single copper item out there. You can adjust it to your preference. If you want to catch every single item ever priced under the vendor price, keep it at 99.

Keep the scan mode on blank so that it catches what you want – but buyer beware – at this moment in time, due to scaling issues, a lot of gear that shows up is NOT going to be correctly priced. You should ignore any gear that shows up on this list. If you buy it and sell it to vendor, chances are you’ll be losing out on gold. Eventually, this shopping list WILL start to throttle. It might be best to run it for a few rounds, then take a little break when you hit the throttle, then run it again.

After 15 minutes of running the blank shopping list, I made 1k profit, which isn’t great but it’s simple and a bit of a fun change of pace. If you have access to an auction house, mailbox, and a vendor, this could be something you set up while you’re working or paying attention to other things. You can set PBS to ping you when a deal shows up. Mostly, it’s just another neat way to make use of these addons.

Credit for this method goes to ETW from the WoW Econ & TSM Discord. They spent time yesterday showing people how to set this up and testing whether or not it worked.

Weekly Wrap Up [Nov14-Nov21]

Another week, more gold making – this week the numbers are quite low because I made some big purchases. I bought two tokens, I bought a few battle pets, and one of those was the Dragon Kite (non twitch version) for 150k. Since you can’t cage the twitch version I’m hoping it was a good buy. Sales came to just shy of 500k for the week (remember I stopped restocking a few weeks back so I’m just selling off what I already have) and it was a very slow week for Strange Goop sales, I only sold 2 compared to the prior week when I sold 5.

Now that mission tables and other things have been nerfed, I’m spending even less time in game focused on gold making so I’m still pretty happy with my gains. I’ve been working on alts, leveling pets, and just relaxing before Dragonflight. I see a lot of others doing the same. Thanks to the invasions and a few fantastic rounds of pet battle trainers, I think I’m close to 30 level 60 characters. What will I do with them all? Well, for now they’re still parked at the covenant tables, farming pet charms. I’ll move them in Dragonflight when something else more profitable comes up. I’m not sure what that will be yet, but I’m confident Blizzard will add some sort of system for casual players to make gold.

In the meantime, I’m having fun just keeping busy and leveling up those alts. Since all of my neglected accounts are active right now I’ve been going through them to see what other treasures I might have hidden away.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

[Casual] Road to 10 Million (Day 117/365)

We’re so close to the 7 million mark on one of the low pop servers! I’m excited about this. I sold a few strange goop but where most of my gold came from was from jewelcrafting and leatherworking. 233/262 gear has been flying off the shelves, and even the lower level stuff has been moving pretty well. I spend approx 1h a day working towards ‘gold making’ and this includes crafting, putting stuff up for sale & in the past, doing my covenant tables. On one of my servers I have all of my mains, and they’ve unlocked all of the crafters marks and the profits from that have been enormous. On my second server, while we’re over 7 million now, the profits have slowed down a HUGE amount. I have no crafters there with any reputation, and they have no crafters marks unlocked.

Both servers are low pop, but it’s significantly easier to make gold on the server you actively PLAY on instead of a random one where you’re not established. I had hoped to expand and establish myself on multiple servers by now, but that wasn’t to be – I simply do not have the time.

These two servers are my main ones and include my casual road to 10 million goals, but I’m also on three other servers where I make gold. These servers are more populated, and I tend to sell goops there, or flip transmog. I consider the gold there my ‘play money’ to put towards whims. The gold on my challenge servers I tend to just hoard and save for a rainy day. I believe that gold should be spent, after all we already work so hard to pinch and save in real life, doing it in a video game can’t possibly be any fun – but there is a little fun in watching it accumulate.

This was day 117, and the ‘goal’ is slightly over 3 million, so to be past 7 million on one server, and almost there on another, makes me very happy. I know I don’t have enormous amounts of time to spend, so I do my best with what I have. If I can make this amount on low population servers, with one hour a day of investment, I am truly confident that players can make gold anywhere, especially if they just want to be able to afford game time.

Weekly Wrap Up [Nov7-14]

A little over 600k profit for the week, sales started slowing down – but they didn’t really. What actually happened is that I stopped restocking my two main crafts (LW/JC) and then I came down with a cold and spent a bunch of time doing nothing at all while I tried to get over it.

Sometimes, looking at the profit of other players simply doesn’t tell you the whole story. It’s easy to see a player pulling in millions and think “dang, I wish that was me” – but you don’t know how long they’re playing for. How long they’ve been working towards making gold. How long they invested. How long it took them to learn their market. It’s much nicer to focus on your own habits and improve upon those when and where you can. What everyone else is doing as far as gold making goes, doesn’t pertain to you. Some will make more, and some will make less.

No real surprises this week. I sold only four Strage Goop which was a bit low, I sold some laestrite ore that I found in the bank (rather use it than just save it up at this point in the game) – a great sale of some crafted transmog, and some flips (abyssal fragment). I also attempted to flip some exotic leather, but then decided part way through that I wanted to keep it and use it for my LW character. It happens.

Tomorrow is pre-patch! I’m excited. I don’t think I will be doing much (if any) gold making, but we’ll see. I have simple plans of leveling alts and making a Dracthyr, but it’s all low pressure fun. I am out of battle pets to level at the time of this post, so I may even level the old fashioned way.

Any big plans? Let me know in the comments, and as always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.

10.0 QoL Changes: Fishing (Fish without clicking your bobber)

This video from Kraken Latte is going around about how you can now fish without having to click your bobber (it’s lovely). For someone like me who spends a lot of time fishing (when I have bad MS days it’s one of the only things I can do) this is a HUGE quality of life change. You still have to click the button you’ve bound to trigger the interaction, but it doesn’t have to be lined up perfectly over the bobber itself.

Just turn on the new ‘interact with target’ option. When fishing, you will automatically face your bobber, and pressing the key when you hear the bobber shake will allow you to reel it in. You no longer have to hover your mouse over the exact little bobber sitting in the water. YAY!

Big thank you to Blizzard for this much needed quality of life change.

Deep Dive: How do I make Gold in World of Warcraft?

The question comes up daily in the World of Warcraft econ discord: “How do I make gold” – and there’s lots of different answers, but this video by Atheist Pope explains it in a pretty clear way, so we tend to link it a lot. The great thing about Warcraft is that there is no one way to make gold. There are many ways. When I first started, I focused on just one of the bubbles above, farming raw gold (remember this was back in BFA days, when we were saving up for the Bruto mount, before multiboxing changes, and before the vendor flip nerfs that came at the end of the expansion). As I got better and more proficient in that one method, I expanded. Now I do a little bit of almost everything (I don’t sell instance runs).

The first thing anyone who wants to make gold has to do is to pick a method. I highly suggest picking something you actually enjoy doing because that’s going to make it easier to stick with. For example, I do not enjoy gathering. I do very little of it. The most gathering I do is fishing for the Strange Goop.

I love crafting. I spend a lot of time doing it, and I invest most of my gold making time to restocking my profession characters, working on their factions, obtaining new recipes, and anything that can enhance their progress.

I also enjoy BOE farming, but I do this only occasionally.

AH flipping is another past time I really enjoy, but it takes time to learn the markets, it takes time to learn the value of things on your server, and it requires a bit of gold to get started. Once you spend some time learning these things, it does get easier. I had my rags to riches challenge over the earlier part of the year that went surprisingly well, because of the knowledge I’d already gained.

What most people tend to want when they ask “how do I make gold” is to know exactly what they should do to get the most gold for the least amount of time invested. The thing is, that isn’t easy to answer. It depends on so many factors – and it changes and evolves. The thing to remember is that if there was ONE single thing that was better than EVERYTHING else, all the gold makers out there would just do that one single thing, and chances are it would not be the best any more. Diversify. Find that one thing that works for you, continue to do that thing until it doesn’t work, then branch out.

Garrison gold making isn’t (IMO) as profitable these days, especially when there were covenant tables all expansion (those are being nerfed on the 15th, please don’t try to start them up now) and they are a serious character / time investment. Getting your garrison off the ground with an army of characters is also a costly adventure unless you’re already established. That’s not to say you can’t make gold from it, but I personally think it would be at the very bottom of the list of opportunities.

I also feel like this video leaves some valid forms of gold making out – like vendor flips. Vendor flips are where you buy craft materials for cheap on the AH, make something with them a billion times (like necklaces) and then sell them to a vendor for a profit. In Shadowlands there have been a few items used for vendor flips, and a lot of goblins have charts where you can input prices and see what the gold per hour would be for you. Here’s some of those charts below (I know it’s the end of Shadowlands, this post should have come a few months ago, but it is what it is).

Don’t be afraid to experiment and use resources that are available out there. Join some communities and get involved. Even just lurking in the econ discord might show you a farm/method/item that you hadn’t even though about, or get you thinking about a particular farm that you hadn’t before.

RNG is great, but it’s hit or miss when it comes to gold. When I’m making gold I want to be able to guarantee a certain amount earned, and then I can use that to make more gold. I spend maybe an hour or so a day doing my gold making routines. I do my covenant tables every day, I restock my professions (I have 4 characters on horde on one server, and 4 characters alliance on another), and farming a few static farms once a day for pets / items to sell. The rest of my time is spent doing whatever happens to capture my fancy for the day. Making gold doesn’t have to be an all day every day ordeal – but if it is, you WILL make more gold. I freely admit that the amount of gold you can / do make is absolutely capped by how much time you dedicate to it. I’m very comfortable for the time vs. effort I put in, but I also know if I had unlimited time I could make so much more.

Not sure where to start? Pick something, try it out. Like it? Keep going. Don’t? Try something else. Find that thing that you personally enjoy, and make that yours.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

18th Anniversary Events

There is a write up about the latest even over on Wowhead – but it’s pretty much a rehash of years gone by if you’ve ever participated before. To start it off when you log in you’ll get some mail with a nice 18% exp buff (you have to open the package to receive it) and some fireworks, a lovely letter celebrating 18 years together, and some timeworn badges.

There’s some world bosses up that drop 272 gear, which is perfect for gearing alts if you happen to get any to drop. I of course do not have the greatest of luck, so I have only gotten the 100% guaranteed drops, which comes from Doomwalker (just outside the gates to the Cavern of Time in Tanaris) which included a toy and a mount.

As of the time of this post, the event ‘Soldier of Time’ where you go and earn honor in Korrak’s Revenge, is actually broken and thus disabled. I believe it’s supposed to be coming back after this weeks maintenance but we’ll just have to see. I remember doing this quest in the past for a weapon upgrade that was mighty fine.

I can hardly believe it has been 18 years since I started playing. The game has seen me through some difficult times and here I am, still playing. I have taken breaks (like many people have) but I always return. The comfort & familiarity of Azeroth is hard to replicate. Sometimes it’s exactly what I crave, especially in a world where little makes sense.

While I do find the event a little lackluster in anything new – I do appreciate that we get an event at all especially with DF just around the corner. Leveling has never been so fast and thus sales have been especially lovely as people continue to buy crafted gear, transmog, and everything in between. I’ve stopped restocking my crafting for a bit to focus on some collecting but in the meantime what I already have listed has been getting a hit here and there. I still haven’t decided who I’m playing in Dragonflight yet, I’m torn between the new race/class, my Demon Hunter, and my Monk. I imagine I’ll do what I always do – play them all.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and happy birthday World of Warcraft!

Weekly Wrap Up [Oct31-Nov7]

Almost a million in profit for the week, for approximately 1h of game play each day (I spent it restocking my crafted goods, and a few cancel scans but not much). I did not do covenant tables, and I did not do any of my covenant missions or weeklies (I pretty much stopped when they removed the PvP quest from Oribos that rewarded a large chunk towards Patterns within Patterns). This week was all about the Strange Goop – and crafted gear.

I attempted to restock daily, but honestly that becomes so much of a chore at this stage in the game. I tried to craft a handful of each item so that I would have some stock to put up instead of cancel scanning, and for when things sold.

They sold well. I was surprised. I’ve gotten more sales in the past two weeks on my low population servers than I have in a very long time. People obviously have some gold to spend, and it’s lovely.

Hopefully this carries on to the next expansion, and I continue to make some gold there. In the meantime I’ve been leveling up alts, picking who I want to ‘main’ in Dragonflight (I use the term loosely, we all know I’ll be playing anyone who catches my attention) and enjoying the small break before all hell breaks loose. It’s a great time to explore the market. Don’t let others deter you there is no ‘bad’ time to get into gold making – within reason. I’m not getting into legendaries this late in the game for a reason, but everything else is fair game.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!