Weekly Wrap Up [Sept5-Sept12]

My ledger hasn’t actually updated for the day yet, there’s another 120k or so missing from the chart, but it was a really slow week as far as sales go. Yes, I did earn 405k profit for the week, but almost all of m y sales were at the beginning of the week (for a few reasons). Number one, the amount of time that I spend in game has been significantly reduced as I now homeschool my son – remember, time is money. The less time you spend doing gold making endevours, chances are, the less gold you’re going to make. I also spent a few days doing no gold making at all, not restocking, and instead I did pet battles and leveled up some alts. This is one of my favourite things to do in game, so it’s not a bad thing by any means, it’s just something that’s not usually productive when it comes to me making gold.

That being said, I did have some lovely sales for the week. I finally sold off the rest of that hardened elementium that I purchased (don’t do this thinking you can flip it, it’s annoying and frustrating), and I looted a singing crystal axe while farming TBC. I’ve started selling gear to level locked characters and most of my gold has come from that, with a few recipes, some pets, and the usual mish mash of items. I did a little bit of the JC vendor flip with deadly laestrite chokers, but not nearly as much as last week.

So I didn’t spend a lot of time working on gold making this week, but I am still pleased with a 400,000 gain. Ideally, I just want to be able to cover subscription costs for two accounts without it taking my entire wallet away. Right now the token is pretty high but I expect it to fall again once DF releases. I don’t think we’ll see a reason for it to drop before then. The token is high when people are buying things with in-game gold, right now that includes Wrath, excitement over Diablo, and the Blizzard store just had a sale. The token price drops when people have a reason to want gold – when a new tier of loot comes out, or another in-game reason for people to want gold. Right now since it’s the tail end of Shadowlands, people don’t need gold. They’ve already got their legendaires, fated raid BoE are on a downward trend in sales, and things are running their course. When DF releases people will want gold for gear, for commodity to level up their professions, for mail transmog and whatever else catches their attention.

I still see a lot of people complaining about their lack of sales, or the influx of competition in their markets – and my suggestion is to diversify. That’s the theme of the month. If something isn’t working for you any longer, it’s the perfect opportunity to find out what DOES work for you.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself. Time is money, friend!

Road to 10 Million [34/365]

We’re on day 34 of 365 in trying to reach gold cap on at least one server (but more likely two servers) as an ultra casual player. The ‘goal’ was to aim for 25k per day (I’m no where near that lately, it’s a bit all over the place) and the motivation was to help focus my gold making efforts, but so far that has absolutely NOT happened, thanks in part to IRL being busy, and in part due to the volatile nature of the auction house since the commodity merge.

On one of my servers I did very well, in a week I made a little over 275k profit. On my other server, however, I am in the red, down -25k. That one is a bit painful.

What happened this week? Well, I bought a few pieces of gear (a 291 piece which are still 70k on my server), and a whole bunch of supplies that I ended up doing nothing with. It was a combination of bad investments and horrible choices – and it happens. Overall I’m still ahead, I have 4.2 million and I should be at 1.8 million – but if it continues to trend this way, I will eventually fall behind. I think I can keep ahead of that – maybe. It will require some focus and that has not been my strong point, let’s be honest.

Both of these servers are low population, but one is a roleplay realm (and my alliance factioned realm of choice) and the other one is a regular realm and is my horde factioned realm of choice. I have 12 characters on each, and craft on each. I haven’t done any stocking up yet, my transmog pile is abysmal at best. That’s the fun of having limited time to play, there’s only so much I can do. I do try to do my covenant tables once a day, but even that can fall by the wayside.

In any case, for now, we’re on track. Hopefully that continues! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

[Guide] Multiboxing in 2022

We’re going to talk about multiboxing in 2022 and how to do it in a way that does not violate the TOS for World of Warcraft – if you’re against multiboxing, this isn’t going to be the post for you, so I highly suggest you skip right over it. I’m not here to debate your moral issues with it.

In BFA, I started multiboxing for the very first time, and I was almost instantly hooked. I used to have 8 active accounts (downsized to 5) and I absolutely loved the community of people I met through it. They were passionate about pushing the boundaries of what they could do as their own team, and it was fascinating to watch. Then blizzard banned broadcasting software, and a lot of the public became incredibly vocal about their opinion on multiboxers. Rightfully so in some cases, I understand when gameplay is disrupted, it’s not much fun. However, I don’t think that all multiboxers are out to get you.

I stopped multiboxing right then and there. Downsized from 8 accounts to 2, and never attempted it since. I knew there were other ways people were getting around the TOS, but my thoughts on it (and the community) had soured slightly. The thing is, multiboxing appeals to a certain type of person, and it’s REALLY hard to go back to playing just one account after some time. I would look for other ways to entertain myself in game, and none of it came close to the rush that I got when taking on a dungeon with my team that we shouldn’t have been attempting.

That was over two years ago. Now it’s 2022, and yes, multiboxing is still a thing. The community is a lot quieter, more cautious, less likely to discuss anything with anyone for fear of being banned – but it’s there. It’s NOT banned, broadcasting is. So how can you multibox in 2022 and NOT violate the TOS?

First, you need to grab a desktop application called WoWOpenBox (it’s on GitHub). This lets you resize your windows and it also lets you set something called ‘focus follows mouse’ so as you move your mouse around to your windows, those windows will be the focus. It’s seamless and low key. It does NOT broadcast anything. It arranges your windows so they’re all pretty.

You might also want two addons which you can get from CurseForge, one is called DynamicBoxer and the other is called MAMA. These are NOT required in any way/shape/form – in fact, you don’t even need WoWOpenBox, you can do it all manually. I just prefer my windows to be neat and tidy/easy to reach.

Negative0 has posted a video over on YouTube explaining how to set it all up. It’s nice and simple, low maintenance. I have a follow macro so everyone will follow, and I have attack macros but they’re just base game things. I have to move my mouse across each screen and hit a button for them to do anything. I’m still getting used to that part, it takes some practice. It works really well with tanks/healers, because I have assist macros set up and my healer can heal and stabilize the tank fairly easily with HoT (heal over time) then I can mouse back to the tank and continue to let them do their thing.

Is it perfect? No. Is it as nice as broadcasting? Absolutely not. It’s slower, bulkier, and there’s no way I’d want to do resource farming like that personally, all that mounting and dismounting and clicking – but it is fun to run dungeons, to farm transmog for myself, and even to make guilds and unlock achievements. I haven’t decided how long I want to multibox for so I’m just going month to month with gold on most of the accounts, but remember you can also recruit a friend yourself, and earn some free game time in there as well. I’ve missed multiboxing, and I encourage people who don’t know much about it to learn why it’s so appealing. It might not always be the reasons your thinking of.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Wrap Up [July4-July11]

It has been a VERY slow week when it comes to gold making – not the fault of the market, but I’ve just been busy IRL and haven’t had time to get my stuff back up for sale. This tends to happen in the summer months, especially at the end of an expansion as I focus on other things. Right now I’m spending most of my time hunting achievements and working on other things in game.

I’m also in a holding pattern when it comes to the auction house. I’m excited / nervous to see what happens with the merge, and I’m torn between stocking up or waiting to see if materials on my low population server get cheaper as markets change around. We’ll just have to see!

Strange goop sales have slowed down, I haven’t been doing any fishing (gasp!) and for all my talk of restocking I barely got any done. Pets and recipes have been selling pretty well, but thinks are still (over all) in a downward arc on my low population servers. No big deal, that’s just a part of being a goblin, some weeks are great and other weeks not so much. You need to learn to adjust with it. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

[New] Wednesday Challenge – Rags to Riches

The last Wednesday challenge was a huge success (gold wise) but I felt a bit cheated out of it. The goal was to make enough gold for a token with limited play time, and once I focused it became almost too easy to do. On that ‘new’ server I now have 1.5 million gold after less than 2 months of playing there, less than 7h a week. I decided it was time for a new challenge.

YouTube is filled with videos of people who take an item like.. a paperclip, and trade up until they have a house. Why not apply that to gold making! This will be a challenge that will teach me (and perhaps others) about making gold by ONLY using the auction house.

I started a new level 10 Vulpera Monk on a medium population RP server. They start with 1g – and that’s all I’m allowing myself as far as gold is concerned. No crafting, no questing, no adventuring. I have access to my bruto, and a mailbox. I will note one stipulation here, I AM allowed to use a vendor. To start this challenge it’s almost essential (but maybe I’ll do a hardcore version in the future where even that is limited).

The very first thing I did was use TSM to scan for items that were priced under vendor. Now this was going to either be a big hit or a big miss for me. I only had 1g to spend, I needed items that people were selling for less than that. A lot of miss priced items tend to be higher priced. So this is one very easy way beginners can potentially get gold – if there are items there to buy.

Turns out there was. Someone was selling almost 600 protoflesh for 6s each – they sell to vendor for 6s25c – I know, what a TINY profit, right? But that’s the nature of the challenge. I bought up enough and sold to vendor until I had over 2g – and then I bought the sunmotes that were for sale. Someone was selling these for 2g each – and they vendor for 2g25s. Much larger profits. Someone was selling truffles for a few silver, and they vendor for 18s75c – and slowly, piece by piece, my gold grew.

I’m now sitting at 44g21s and I have barely done anything except sell a few things to vendor. In the meantime, I’m also running sniper (not constantly, we’ll say 15 minutes here and there) hoping that I catch a lucky break. It would have to be INCREDIBLY lucky considering I only have 44g to spend. My goal is to build up my stock pile of gold by vendor flipping until I have around 100g and then I’m going to start branching into some markets. What markets? I don’t have the faintest idea yet.

Things I’ll have to be careful of? Listing fees. These can very easily be the death of this challenge. I’ll need to make sure I post things that are going to move, or buy them so cheap that it won’t matter. Or buy things that have very low listing fees (most recipes, all pets). Normally I’d just buy a handful of pets for a few silver, level them to 25 because it’s so fast, and post them back on the AH at a premium – but since I’m removing any method of gold making that does not involve the AH for this challenge, that’s not an option.

I don’t have a timeline set up or anything for this challenge, but I will post it each Wednesday and we’ll see how things are going. I’m expecting it will be a magnificent failure but I should learn a lot. Here’s hoping, in any case.

Edit: Oh dang! I got lucky while sniping, and snagged these two items. Thing is, I’ll need to price them to move because I absolutely want to be using that gold and not have potential profit tied up in the AH.