Road to 10 Million [34/365]

We’re on day 34 of 365 in trying to reach gold cap on at least one server (but more likely two servers) as an ultra casual player. The ‘goal’ was to aim for 25k per day (I’m no where near that lately, it’s a bit all over the place) and the motivation was to help focus my gold making efforts, but so far that has absolutely NOT happened, thanks in part to IRL being busy, and in part due to the volatile nature of the auction house since the commodity merge.

On one of my servers I did very well, in a week I made a little over 275k profit. On my other server, however, I am in the red, down -25k. That one is a bit painful.

What happened this week? Well, I bought a few pieces of gear (a 291 piece which are still 70k on my server), and a whole bunch of supplies that I ended up doing nothing with. It was a combination of bad investments and horrible choices – and it happens. Overall I’m still ahead, I have 4.2 million and I should be at 1.8 million – but if it continues to trend this way, I will eventually fall behind. I think I can keep ahead of that – maybe. It will require some focus and that has not been my strong point, let’s be honest.

Both of these servers are low population, but one is a roleplay realm (and my alliance factioned realm of choice) and the other one is a regular realm and is my horde factioned realm of choice. I have 12 characters on each, and craft on each. I haven’t done any stocking up yet, my transmog pile is abysmal at best. That’s the fun of having limited time to play, there’s only so much I can do. I do try to do my covenant tables once a day, but even that can fall by the wayside.

In any case, for now, we’re on track. Hopefully that continues! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Bad Bugs? Gold Dupes? What is up with Progenitor Essentia Anyway?

Unless you follow the WoW Economy discord, it can be difficult to understand exactly what is going on with the massively bugged auction house during the past week, so I want to lay it out for people and explain what has been happening. A number of bugs have been going on with a number of items, but I’m going to just focus on the Progenitor Essentia because it has the largest area of effect.

Bug 1. On Tuesday when the auction house came up, if you cancelled any (commodity) items manually on the auction house, you received gold from that item 1h later as though it was a sale, and you also received the item back. This was ‘fixed’ on Tuesday night. Accounts were locked, but gold remained.

Bug 2. On Wednesday, it was discovered that even sales that were naturally expiring were creating gold as though they were sold. If you listed your items for 12h, 24h, or 48h before the fix went in on Tuesday night, chances are you received gold for ‘sold’ items that never actually sold. Gold remained from this bug, too.

Bug 3. Throughout the week the auction house would get ‘stuck’ and list a very low buy display (like the screenshot above, 1s) but you couldn’t actually buy the item because it had already been sold. However, if you had enough gold to move past the bugged ones, you could still buy essentia. It would miss-charge you for the average price that the ghosted ones displayed, and the buyer would get the full amount. Since players could not see the true price of the essentia, people started listing them at 5k-10k (and higher) and they were receiving the full amount for those sold, but the buyer was paying significantly lower. This bug was ‘fixed’ with a server restart. Blizzard started removing the gold that players owed for this one on Friday, but I haven’t seen any reports of gold removal happening over the weekend.

Bug 4. This bug is still active at the time of this post, though I’m guessing it might be solved after the restart today (Tuesday) – the default UI is miss pricing Essentia as the lowest being 1s (the lowest on NA is higher, around 3-4k). For new players, folks returning, or people just not paying attention, they’re pricing their essentia at crazy low prices and others out there have codded some addons / macros that allow you to snipe VERY fast using the ‘magic button’ addon. There is no dupe with this bug, but let’s be frank here, it’s still a bug. I understand that actual items are being priced at that actual price, but that’s NOT the way the system is intended to work. That’s why I’m classifying it as a bug.

There you have it, that’s what’s going on in the auction house, those are the most active bugs currently affecting the largest portion of the market. Hopefully we see a fix to all of these, and the economy can recover.

Weekly Wrap Up [Aug15-22]

Well, the numbers this week are pretty abysmal, but they don’t really tell the whole story. I bought a 200k item for one of my alts, and I also bought a 291 piece for my druid (though I’m still trying to get her the power for it). I picked up 4 tokens while the price had dipped, and I also made some VERY bad purchases when the auction house came up of really slow materials that I will never be able to sell off for anywhere near what I bought them for. Thankfully this was on a ‘fun’ server where I don’t do anything except flipping and I use it to replenish my tokens. My ‘main’ servers the numbers look better, but I can’t get the ledger to display just those ones.

Strange goop was once again at the top of the list, and my feasts sold, for once. Pallid bone I ended up over buying, and I know the living steel went for far too little. The auction house has been a mess since the merge, so I’m still finding my footing and getting adjusted to all the things – but that’s one of the fun parts of making gold, right?

Hopefully next weeks gold making looks better, I REALLY need to do some restocking, I’ve been ‘playing the game’ on a few characters which has cut into my gold making time as I try to figure out who to play in Dragonflight. Still, as long as I slowly inch ahead I’m usually quite content. It all balances out in the end.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Guess Who: Hoodat

It’s Saturday! Who did we spot with their gold in Booty Bay this week? It was none other than Hoodat from the Aegwynn server! A new character? A goblin just dipping their toe in to play? We’ll probably never know, but it’s fun to speculate!

As always, this post is brought to you by InspectGold, an addon you can find on CurseForge.

Time is money, friend!

Road to 10 Million [26/365]

This week was a bit of a crazy one. The new merged commodity auction house released on Tuesday, and it has been riddled with bugs and issues – but also, for the first time ever on my low population server, things are selling. Sales are good for everyone, bringing casual players back to the auction house is never a bad thing. My method of thinking is that as more casual players return to the game & they actively participate in the market and earn gold by selling their commodities, they then have the gold to make purchases on their server, things like mounts and transmog. Getting activity into the AH that’s not just between gold making goblins is essential to a healthy economy. I think that this is Blizzard’s goal.

Anyway, my sales have done fantastic. There are in general, MORE people buying AND selling on the AH. Not just commodity. This makes me very happy. I reached over 4 million on my main server, and I just broke 6 million on my secondary server (both low population servers).

My goal is to try to hit 10 million on a single server within 365 days, which encompasses both the AH merge, and Dragonflight release (and hopefully things settling down, sometime). If I can maintain 25k a day, this goal should be fairly easy to reach. If I dip below that for too many days in a row, it might become an issue. So far both servers are on track, but I have over two million more on my lesser played server thanks to bringing some 304/291 gear over to sell.

I just want people to know that you can remain a goblin and work at gold making WITHOUT having to be doom and gloom about everything. Just give it some time, be patient. Explore new markets and new methods of making gold. If your time is valuable (and I would hope it is) don’t sink to the lowest common denominator and start selling commodity for super cheap. Instead move on to something else. There IS gold out there to be made. You just have to figure out the method that works for you.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and remember, time is money friend!

Weekly Wrap Up [Aug8-Aug15]

Finally, a better week! This week I sold over two million gold worth of items, and only spent 275,000 gold – so I come out with a profit of around 1,900,000 gold including vendor / garrison / etc. I did pick up a 291 ring for my monk, which is where most of the expense comes from. Sales? Let’s take a look.

I sold off the remainder of my transferred gear, and I’m glad that I did. I didn’t want it hanging around any longer than a week or two because as people gear up the demand for these pieces decreases, while the supply (typically) increases. On my low population servers there’s more competition now as other goblins transfer their own pieces over, and as a handful of people raid / do dungeons / instances and obtain gear. I feel like I walked away with a very nice amount of gold for myself, with very little effort.

I sold one Strange Goop for a bid price, but had another as backup so I’m not too concerned about it. I’ve fished and sold over 55 of the items now, and that’s over 5 million gold (spread between a number of servers). Strange goop has been kind to me. Right now I do not have anything on the auction house, in preparation for the 8h+ downtime tomorrow and the merging of commodities. I’m cautiously optimistic about this merge. I don’t sell a lot of commodities, and I’m hoping that having a greater supply at a reduced cost will help me on my servers. It might not be the case, but that’s what I’m hoping for. I also hope Blizzard has minimal issues and that it all goes without any major problems. I’d hate to see people lose their gold / items.

I’m slowly chugging along in my quest to reach gold cap on a single server (at this rate I’ll be hitting gold cap at two servers at the same time) within the 365 days allotted. What I’m really excited about is Dragonflight, and how I might be able to make gold in the new expansion. I might just have to play on a higher population server just for that.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and remember – time is money!

Guess Who: Richlist

It’s time for another episode of Guess Who! This week we spotted Richlist from the Proudmoore server hanging out in Booty Bay. With 266,376 auctions placed for sale, and a little over 6 million gold earned, it’s easy to see why they have ‘rich’ right there in their name!

If you’d like to take a peek at the players around you, don’t forget to grab the ‘InspectGold’ addon from CurseForge. It will add the gold tab to the inspect window, so you too can feel bad about how little gold you’ve acquired.

Come back next week for another episode, and remember folks, time is money!

Road to 10 Million [22/365]

Time for another update on the road to 10 million gold (on a single server, with casual gameplay). Welp. So far this challenge has NOT gone the way I intended. I ended up focusing far more on a second server that I play on (that used to be behind this challenge, but is now way ahead). We are 22 days in – and have earned a total of 233,508 gold profit. That is just over 10k gold a day – if I keep on this route, I will FAIL the challenge of trying to earn gold cap on a single server. It certainly didn’t help that I ended up purchasing a piece of gear so my characters could raid (lol). I rarely spend gold on myself, but there are a few instances of it.

Meanwhile, take a look at the statistics of my second server, which I have been ‘unofficially’ tracking. It wasn’t supposed to be a part of this challenge, but the way things are headed, it might actually win.

On this server in 22 days I have made 2,000,000 gold (give or take) and that works out to approximately 90k each day, which is well above and beyond the 25k I was aiming for. This is the server I ended up moving stock to, and is another low population server. I hadn’t planned on trying to earn 10 million on both servers because of my limited play time, but now I’m wondering if I should just focus here instead. I’m just shy of 4 million gold, and it would sure be nice to reach cap.

I also need to take into consideration the fact that both of my accounts will need some game time in the future, though I’m hoping to see token prices drop before I need to do that. I’m not usually a big fan of shuffling items around from server to server to make gold, but if you’re confident in your market, it can be highly profitable. I didn’t end up shuffling these items to my other low population server because there was already a surplus if items there brought over by other goblins, and I knew sales would be slow. The more people gear up, the less demand there is for the 291/304 items.

Anyway, both challenges are technically still on track to reach 10 million by 365 days time, but my main server will require some serious work.

Time is money, friends!

S4 – Easy Gold?

I make it no secret that I play on two low population servers – one is RP, one is not. It’s where I’m most comfortable making gold, but you really have to know your server.

I had a few left over transfer tokens from when Blizzard had a sale a while ago, and besides my two low population servers, I also have characters on two high pop servers. One I sell Strange Goop on for some pocket change, and one I just use to buy pets on.

On my main server there are no mythic raid guilds so when S4 dropped and everyone was out there farming trash, there was nothing higher than 278 on the AH. I logged in to my high population server (I have a few 50s there), bought a handful of 291/304 gear and brought it back to my low population server.

There’s a ‘right’ price range where people will actively buy off of you, and then a price range where things will sit for a really long time. I’m pretty familiar with what people on my server are willing to pay, and I wanted my items to move before more stock was made available, so I tried to price accordingly.

I made almost 600k profit after taking into consideration the cost of the move and the cost of the items I purchased. I still have items for sale, but I’m happy with where I’m sitting at even if they take time to sell. I noticed some others have brought items to my server, but they haven’t moved yet. There’s no point in flooding my low population server with items, there will not be enough buyers. I’m still incredibly pleased with the results for what amounted to very little actual work.

The start of any new ‘thing’ typically always introduces some temporary way to make gold. Your goal is to try to figure out what that method is before it becomes too popular, before it gets fixed (Blizzard has since nerfed the drop rates of BOE), and before anything else changes to decrease the potential gold that you could make from it. THAT is why I love making gold in World of Warcraft. It’s not static, it’s never boring. It’s always changing, and you have to constantly adapt. When what you’re doing stops being profitable, it’s time to move onto the next thing. I tend to stay away from the FlavourOfTheMonth and use tried and tested methods that I know work where I am playing. It’s a risk, but after so many years it’s one that I’m usually fairly confident will pay off.

Have you been profiting from S4? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Weekly Wrap Up [Aug1-Aug8]

Wow, it was a ROUGH week in gold making – but hopefully that will pay off next week. It’s not really quite as bad as it seems. I did make almost a million gold in sales – but I also spent 1.4 million gold. Hopefully my adventure will pay off next week even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.

I ended up purchasing a few 291/304 pieces on the high population server I play on, and bringing them back to my low population servers. I should be able to make some nice profit on this, and I had a few left over transfer tokens on my account from the sale earlier in the summer, so I figured this would be a fairly risk-free bet. Even if I only sold them for what I paid, it hopefully wouldn’t leave me too badly off at the end.

Sales were pretty typical, I sold two strange goop, a few crafting bits, some pets. Recipes. The usual items. Transmog has been VERY slow lately, but I think that’s due to my stock (or lack of) rather than because sales are slow. I know things are still happening out there, I just don’t have the right offerings for players. Which is perfectly OK, like I keep saying, learning the ebbs and flows of the market is all just part of the fun.

I can’t wait to see what next week brings. As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and remember time is money!