[Casual] Road to 10 Million [Day 89/365]

Alright, so the numbers show that by day 89 I should have 3,200,000 gold in order to earn 10 million in one year, and I have 5,169,000 on one server, and just over 6,000,000 on my second low pop server. By ‘casual’ I mean I am spending probably 1h or less on these servers working towards gold making. It’s nothing intense, and it’s about the long term goal of reaching cap. The point? To show players that anyone truly can make enough gold for what they want to accomplish in game.

On my second server I did end up spending a fair amount, I wanted to stock up on some mounts that have vendor purchased components and they’re not cheap. I haven’t sold them yet, but I am almost back to where I was before that giant purchase already, and the dip barely registers on my graph. It’s a lot easier to make gold if you have some to invest, whether that’s from flipping, crafting, or some other method. Where you decide to invest matters, I tend to play it safe, just out of habit.

With Dragonflight inching its way closer and closer, I’m excited for a few things. I want to see what happens with the token (will it start falling, finally), and I can’t wait to see what sort of gold opportunities we all find. In the mean time, I’m going to continue slow and steady.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!