[Challenge] Expanding to Other Servers with new Characters

In World of Warcraft, I’ve constantly played on low population servers. First it was because I was playing with my husband, then with friends, and then simply because it was comfortable and I was used to it.

The thing is, over the years low population servers have no longer been fun for me to play on (in most cases, there are exceptions). This year I decided it would be a good idea to experiment with higher population servers and see how that goes.

A wise goblin once told me “60 slots – if you aren’t using them you are losing them” so I decided to use my 2nd account and create a character on a whole bunch of servers. I didn’t want to transfer funds to each of these servers, but I wanted to give them some pocket change to play with. This account is also a completely separate battle net from my main account. There are no unlocked allied characters on the horde side.

Right now Blizzard has a promotion going on where you can play Dragonflight with some restrictions if you do not already own Dragonflight. This battlenet does not own the expansion. Normally, one of those restrictions is you can’t make a Dracthyr without first having a level 55 on the server. Thankfully, that rule doesn’t pertain to the promotion.

I created a Dracthyr, and did their first quest. It rewarded 25g. I summoned my mailbox, mailed that to the actual character I wanted to keep, and then deleted. Then I took that 25g to the AH, and in a few seconds (thank you region wide auction house) I flipped it from 25g to 150g. That’s a much nicer number to work with. Recipes and pets only require 1s as a posting fee, and pets can be transferred across servers without any effort.

I haven’t made 60 characters yet, but it’s a start. This is a little more dedicated that I usually am in my gold making, but I do like to challenge myself, so let’s see where this goes. Since it’s my second account it doesn’t really affect my game play at all, and who knows, maybe in time I can work towards being one of the ‘big’ goblins, too.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


Challenge Wednesdays – Update #3

Ah. So er, about that Wednesday Challenge I started up back on March 9th – what ever happened to that? I did write a second post, and then it sort of fell to the wayside as I got distracted by other shinies. It hasn’t quite been a month yet, so let’s see what (if any) progress has been made.

The challenge was to take a new character (who was level 50) to a new server, where I had zero alts, playing only one hour a day (or a max of 7 hours per week) and see how much gold I could make.

At the time of this post, the character has just over two days played, and I just finally managed to ding level 60! She is also not completely broke, she has earned 53k from sales. I picked up mining and herbalism on this character, but I’m contemplating swapping them around and picking up a craft on top of a harvest.

Here comes the problem – I leveled up with pet battles, so this character has an ilevel of 48. What I’m hoping, is that I can pick up some easy ZM loot and maybe even get a piece or two from doing the regular SL dailies. She’s wearing heirloom that capped at 50 (I haven’t bothered to upgrade) but gearing up shouldn’t be *too* much of an issue. My reluctance comes from not wanting to spend any gold. Of course.

It doesn’t help that I’ve barely played the character aside from a brief stint with harvesting, and putting battle pets for sale that she leveled up. Honestly, I had lost my enthusiasm for this challenge before it even really started, but I’m determined to continue to give it a good and proper go. Let’s see what we can do.