Deep-Dive: Covenant Tables

Thanks to leveling my alts up through pet battles , I am currently running covenant tables steadily on 12 characters (my main server ones). None of the tables are leveled up to any great extent, none of them are max level at either the campaign or the companions. I use TLDR as my addon of choice, and I also still use venture plan as a UI replacement for the table (it’s so much nicer).

On average, each character receives 1,200-1,600 gold a day. Sometimes it’s over that, sometimes it’s a bit less. 12×1200 gold is 14,400g a day. Times that by 30 days, and you’re earning around 432,000 raw gold a month. That’s more than enough for a token. That doesn’t take into account anything else you can earn that sells, and there’s a lot.

What about all the anima you need to run those missions? Each day I take two characters and I kill the world boss, and I kill the Zerith Mortis boss. This gives 1,000 anima (be sure to pick up the weekly quest for anima from your covenant first). I have found that this is usually enough to get all of my missions done for the week with some to spare, I also set TLDR to ignore expensive anima missions. Since I rotate the characters each day, it doesn’t take much time at all and they all get their kill for the week before re-set. I also have each TLDR set up different depending on the character. For example my main does go after the reputation tokens, but not the equipment. My alts kill the bosses with almost no gear since most of my characters have leveled up with pet battles, so they try to earn gear from the table. Bosses are completely doable no matter what ilevel you’re at. I think my mage has an ilevel of 19.

If you’ve been neglecting your tables – now is the time to be doing them. The only thing I do recommend is spending the 500g to boost your alt covenant level to 40. This gives you 500 anima, and the ability to unlock that table right away (you do also have to be level 60). Aside from that I do not bother leveling up the companions with anything extra, I just allow natural progression through the table missions. Even if you have ZERO alts, that’s 36,000 raw gold a month from your table not including anything else as a reward.

I will also say, I am not sure if this is just me, but necrolord by FAR gives the most gold rewards for my characters. Venthyr gives the least. I’m not sure if this is across the board, but that has been my experience. I have most of my tank classes with necrolord, most of my dps with nightfae, and a handful spread between venthyr and kyrian. I honestly am not much of a min/max person, but you might want to do some research into it if that’s something you’re interested in.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!