Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of RFK (1-10)

Way back in July 2022 I started this challenge of 100 runs of RFK – and then for some reason I stopped. The purpose was to show the estimated amount of loot from each run vs. the actual gold per hour of items sold. Things have changed a bit since then, especially since I’m using a speed geared druid instead of just a random druid. My base speed in dungeons at 61 is somewhere around 240%-260% and that’s FAST (here is a link to a druid I followed when it came to gearing). My first post of RFK has me sitting at 57m to complete 10 runs. It now takes me about 2 minutes to run the entire dungeon. Since so much time has passed I decided to start over fresh, and these are the results for the first 10 runs.

You can see that the estimated gold (using TSM region market value avg) is just over 500k – and when I put them on the auction house (I’m using a profile from BilisOnyxia that I’ve tweaked and customized) it’s just over 300k if everything were to sell on my low population server.

Next week we’ll see how much (if any) of it actually sold, and I’ll use that to generate a more accurate idea of what GPH this dungeon rewards. As it stands now, the GPH is 712g – the amount I got from raw gold during the run. It also stands to note that it only takes me 26m to run this dungeon 10x. Ideally you’d want to optimize your time since you can’t run any more dungeons for the remaining hour, but you could always do overworld farms instead to fill that time up.

Addons used:

  • TradeSkillMaster
  • LootAppraiser
  • Faster Loot
  • Dejunk
  • MonkeySpeed
  • Nova Instance Tracker
  • WoWThing Collector

Another thing to note is that ALL of these types of runs are going to vary server by server. I happen to be on a low population server where things sell slow. Even pricing them low won’t guarantee a sale.


Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of RFK (1-10)

You might remember that I wanted to post the ‘real’ value of running dungeons, and I started with Sunwell Plateau – I gave the estimated value of what I had looted vs. the actual value of what I had looted, calculating the sales I made for that week. I would like to continue with this, and the next dungeon I want to attempt is RFK. Here are the stats for the first 10 runs:

My first 10 runs through, LootAppraiser said I had earned a potential total of 263,638g worth of items, and 702g in raw gold. This is extremely exaggerated, as one item that was priced for 100k is actually around 5k on my low population server. I shuffled these items over to ‘Hunduns’ (hundred dungeons, har har) to sell, including the raw gold (at least that gives me some gold to post auction house fees). I’m keeping this character away from my main account, over on my second account. It isn’t apart of any of other gold making challenges, and exists on its own so that we can calculate the actual GPH. Since I just put the items up for sale right now, GPH is .. well, 702g.

Hopefully something sells in the next week while I get read for the next 10 runs, but we’ll see. I also need to stock up on keys, as I didn’t have any to unlock the chests within the zone and I know they’re a big component to making gold. Can we get just as lucky? I’m guessing no – the one reason why Sunwell Plateau worked out so well was because it drops a lot of recipes, and those don’t tend to drop in the vanilla dungeons, at least not for me. I might get lucky with a drop or two, but I expect it will take ages to sell. I guess we’ll see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell (91-100)

Finally, that’s 100 runs of sunwell plateau completed. 10 hours (rounded up) and here’s what we ended up with:

Actual gold earned at this time (including re-listing AH items): 152,665g

  • Estimated GPH: 92,000g
  • Actual GPH: 20,000g

Inventory value left to sell: 349,190g

It takes roughly 40-45 minutes to run 10 instances of Sunwell Plateau, so that’s the time framed I used in the GPH instead of rounding up to 1 full hour. 20k gph is actually not that bad, and now I have a bunch of items that I can just list until the end of time. I’m quite happy with the results. I don’t think it’s millions, and I’m sad that I didn’t get any of the big ticket awesome items, but RNG is going to RNG.

Any requests for which dungeon adventure we head to next? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell (81-90)

Let’s do a recap for the new visitors to the blog. I’ve been running 100 runs of Sunwell Plateau (yes this is a raid zone before someone wants to explain to me that it’s not actually a dungeon) avoiding named, and killing trash for recipes / transmog / gems. Not only am I sharing what I loot in each group of 10 runs, but I’m hoping to give a more realistic view on what you can expect by tracking how much gold is actually acquired. It’s very easy to say “I ran 100 runs of this and LOOK I have a potential profit of 1,000,000,000 gold!” when in actuality the number is much lower.

Right now I’ve run the zone 90 times, which works out (rounded up) to approximately 9 hours of game play (in truth it’s just over half of that). I’ve made over 150,000 gold from actual sales / vendor fodder which puts my gph (gold per hour) at around 16,666 – which isn’t too bad considering I have a lot of items still for sale. I’m on a low population server, so things take some time to move. I’m also spreading out my dungeon runs weekly when you can easily do them closer together or do more dungeons. I put all of the dungeon run items on a single character so I can better track what I’m selling and so it doesn’t get mixed into my regular sales (then on the TSM chart I can just see what that single character sold). This also accounts for my posting fees and lets me know if I think doing this runs is ‘worth it’. Remember how you value your time is going to be unique to you. I can’t tell you if something is worth while to do, that’s just one of the things you learn through experience. While 16k gph is a bit on the low side, if I manage to sell the left over bits while no longer farming the zone, that gph will go up (minus the time it takes me to list the item). So far, Sunwell seems very much worth the time it takes to run it, but do be careful of burning out.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell (71-80)

I am nearing the end of the 100 runs of Sunwell (woohoo) and this week we bring in a total of 44,000g and some change. Not the most, not the least, it’s pretty average. About average for items looted, noteworthy items, and raw gold. In fact there was nothing that stood out about this run at all.

That brings our total gold ‘earned’ to 507,000g roughly. It also puts us at 8 hours of work (roughly, it actually takes a bit over half of that, but since you’re locked from dungeons for an hour I round up) putting us at a gph earned of 63,000. Pretty respectable number.

Of course numbers don’t show the true picture, what matters is NOT how much we loot – but how much we sell. I’m playing on a low population server, and sales have been slow and few between but they’ve still be ‘worth’ the time. Last week sales brought me to roughly 18,715 gph earned – and doing the math this week, we’re still hovering around the same number! If I include sales from last week, and the raw gold from 8 sessions, the realistic number for this farm is much closer to: 18,642 gold per hour. Remember I also sell anything with a value of less than 100g (minus craft items and gems) to vendor, so there’s some potential gold I’m throwing away there just because I don’t want to deal with that sort of inventory.

It also bodes well that I do have 63 posted auctions with a value of 562,000g up on the AH. It’s just more of a long play, because that’s how things work on a low population server. You have to have patience. Farming one dungeon once a week for a little pocket change isn’t going to cut it, but you use these methods and combine them with other methods to earn your gold, and before you know it, you have a lot more than you thought you would.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell (61-70)

I skipped last week since I wasn’t feeling up to it, but this week we’re back to our dungeon runs and even though it looks pretty crummy, it is actually the 3rd worst coming in at 28,242g.

Let’s see, so far we’ve ‘earned’ 463,000 gold worth of items in a 7h period. That works out to about 66,000 gph (gold per hour) – not too shabby. I know it doesn’t take an hour to run 10 instances of this, but I’m rounding up since you wouldn’t be able to fill that hour with other runs. Now, that number LOOKS pretty on paper, but I’ve been tracking how much gold I’ve actually made from items selling, too.

I’m running this on my low population realm (I’m tempted to run the same on my medium population just to see how we do) – and as you can see, the sales are pretty minimal. Not quite as horrible as shown above, we have sold a few things that are not tracked (before I made a separate character to track the sales) and two very expensive recipes, one for 42k and one for 76k.

This puts our total gold made at around 131,000 gold – bringing our gph to 18,714.

That’s still not too shabby!

Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell (51-60)

I’ve completed my 60th run of Sunwell, and this week earned a potential gold value of 68,237g – higher than last week, but only by about 10k or so. It was mostly recipes that dropped, but I did also get some epic beast mastery pants. Speaking of last week, I mentioned that I moved all of the dungeon run loot to a new character so that I could better track what actually sold. That was immediately after I sold a recipe for 76k – let’s see what we’ve sold since then.

Not a heck of a lot, it turns out. Most of the gold earned has been to the vendor. Anything with a low sale rate or a value of less than 500g went straight to the vendor. I did sell some Crimson Spinel gems, but I don’t end up keeping a lot after these runs. On the AH I have 58 auctions worth a grand total of 198,039g on my low population server.

How much of that will sell? I’m honestly not sure, it’s very random. Some recipes I own are repeats that I posted up when I should have just added one to the AH, and others are just items I was curious about. It’s lovely to get a few unique recipes and even more lovely when they sell, but on my low population servers sales are still far and few between.

Estimated total: 505,783g

Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell (41-50)

(I’m posting this late and going back in time a bit, the actual run took place on April 11th).

This week was pretty good as far as Sunwell dungeon runs go! Last week our worth was only 19389g – and this week we’re at 79230g – I did change the noteworthy items to only ping after 500g instead of 100g because gems were setting it off before, and I also made sure to swap it back to TSM: Region Market Value Avg for the ‘value’ of items.

I also decided to make these runs a bit easier for me to track, previously I’d just stick everything up on my AH character and then guess if something sold. Now, I have a new character named ‘HunDun’ (hundred dungeons, in case you didn’t get that). I send everything over to her, and then I can get a better picture of what is selling (if anything) and I can see how much market value ‘stuff’ I have up on the AH just from these fun little runs. When I finish with Sunwell, I’ll move on to something else and swap her goods over to my regular AH characters.

Not only did we have a pretty good run this time – but – one of my more expensive patterns finally sold! That’s the second recipe of note that has sold, the first one going for 40k. If we calculate that 50 runs is 5 hours (it’s less, but we’ll just average upwards) that means we’ve made approximately 23,200 gold per hour in actual sales.

That’s not too shabby! Of course, RNG is going to RNG. Remember I’m playing on a low population server (15,000 according to Raider.io) and sales are going to differ all over the map. Still, it has been a fun challenge so far, and one I’m looking forward to exploring further.

Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell (31-40)

Well, what can I really say about the next 10 runs of Sunwell. It was my lowest run to date, with a grand total of 18,389g predicted. We looted far less noteworthy items, but more overall loot. It was just all garbage. I got two recipes that I’ve already got multiple copies of (engineering, and blacksmithing) and not much else. Run 1-10 was worth 267,948g, 11-20 was 43,068g, and runs 21-30 brought in 27,911g. I do think it’s interesting that the amount keeps decreasing each time I run it, but the amount of items looted remains basically the same.

A few gems have sold, but nothing else of note after the first recipe sold for 40k. Remember the whole point in running these has been because of the incredibly famous videos that claim you can make millions from running these dungeons – and if you love running them, then more power to you – but remember to keep in mind that if your items don’t sell, then you really haven’t made any gold.

Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell (21-30)

Round three of our 100 runs of Sunwell – for once, something actually sold. I sold a cloth tailoring recipe for 40k this week, so that’s one entire sale from 30 runs of Sunwell so far. The 3rd round was.. abysmal to say the least. To recap, the first 10 runs lootappraiser valued the runs at: 267,948g (and we sold zero). Our next ten runs were valued at: 43,068g (and we still sold zero). This time our value (according to the region market value) was 27,911g. However, we did sell one single pattern, so that was.. something, at least. Each round of 10 runs gives roughly the same amount of currency, items looted, and even noteworthy items (which I should probably reduce, it’s set at 100g value right now, but I don’t want to change it mid way through this experiment).

What does this mean? It means that in 30 runs, we’ve sold one recipe for 40k. Now, if you take a look at the time spent running 30 runs, it’s less than 3 hours, so by a gold per hour count – 40k is not that bad. It’s over 10k per hour. Ideally I try to factor about 10k gph (gold per hour) for farms, unless it’s something I want special. I know some people want more, and there’s lots more to be made, but that’s my base.

We haven’t gotten anything especially good yet, and that’s just one more reason why when you watch those videos that claim you can make millions of gold by simply running a dungeon over and over again – you have to keep in mind that if nothing sells (or drops) then all you have is a whole lot of wasted time.

Let’s see what next week brings.