18th Anniversary Events

There is a write up about the latest even over on Wowhead – but it’s pretty much a rehash of years gone by if you’ve ever participated before. To start it off when you log in you’ll get some mail with a nice 18% exp buff (you have to open the package to receive it) and some fireworks, a lovely letter celebrating 18 years together, and some timeworn badges.

There’s some world bosses up that drop 272 gear, which is perfect for gearing alts if you happen to get any to drop. I of course do not have the greatest of luck, so I have only gotten the 100% guaranteed drops, which comes from Doomwalker (just outside the gates to the Cavern of Time in Tanaris) which included a toy and a mount.

As of the time of this post, the event ‘Soldier of Time’ where you go and earn honor in Korrak’s Revenge, is actually broken and thus disabled. I believe it’s supposed to be coming back after this weeks maintenance but we’ll just have to see. I remember doing this quest in the past for a weapon upgrade that was mighty fine.

I can hardly believe it has been 18 years since I started playing. The game has seen me through some difficult times and here I am, still playing. I have taken breaks (like many people have) but I always return. The comfort & familiarity of Azeroth is hard to replicate. Sometimes it’s exactly what I crave, especially in a world where little makes sense.

While I do find the event a little lackluster in anything new – I do appreciate that we get an event at all especially with DF just around the corner. Leveling has never been so fast and thus sales have been especially lovely as people continue to buy crafted gear, transmog, and everything in between. I’ve stopped restocking my crafting for a bit to focus on some collecting but in the meantime what I already have listed has been getting a hit here and there. I still haven’t decided who I’m playing in Dragonflight yet, I’m torn between the new race/class, my Demon Hunter, and my Monk. I imagine I’ll do what I always do – play them all.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and happy birthday World of Warcraft!