Unpopular Opinion: FOMO is what motivates goldmaking

With the release of Dragonflight everyone is looking for ‘the next big thing’ to sell on the auction house to players – before it gets nerfed. Maybe you were doing seed farms – nerfed. Maybe you were working up that crafting faction – nerfed (and apparently some ban waves along with that one). What I’m seeing a lot of in the WoW Economy discord is one person mentioning an awesome thing they’ve found – and then some people jumping right on that where they can, and then it slowly grows until a large portion are doing it and then it becomes less valuable.

The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is VERY strong at the beginning of an expansion. How many people wanted to dive right into Darkmoon Decks, investing millions of gold right from the get-go. Apparently that one isn’t paying off quite the way people expected, but I imagine December 12th may tell a different tale.

I love watching the conversations that happen at the start of a new expansion. Everyone is excited, and everyone is branching off in a million different directions. Some pay off, some don’t. Some are temporary gains, some are long term. Whatever your decision, the FOMO seems to hang overhead, just slightly out of reach. When you see other people doing something to make gold, YOU want to do that thing too. It’s almost instinctive.

The community I belong to has been pretty open and honest about their gold making methods, and that’s just another reason I love it. There’s no animosity, and while there IS competition, it’s a more good natured flavour than anything else. I’m reminding myself to keep the FOMO at bay, I don’t play on a high pop server where these sales are happening, and I don’t have the time to dedicate to owning the market. Still, when you see the millions rolling in, it’s hard NOT to want to be a part of that.

Guess Who: Ducadeals

Who are we spying on this week in Booty Bay? It is none other than Ducadeals, from the Proudmoore server. It looks like this might be a fresh goblin just starting out, or maybe they’re just doing some shopping. Whatever their business, gold is no secret with the InspectGold addon from Curseforge!

I’ll see you next week, for another episode of Guess Who!

Guess Who: Loenleron

It’s Saturday and that means it’s time for another episode of Guess Who! This week we came across Loenleron from the Aegwynn server standing around the auction house in Booty Bay.

With over 47 million gold acquired from auctions and only 49,239 auctions posted, this appears to be a pretty heavy player! Where did all of their gold come from? Only they know!

As always you can check out your fellow players and their gold by installing the ‘InspectGold’ addon from Curseforge. Until next week, happy gold making!

Weekly Wrap Up [Aug22-Aug29]

I had a pretty good week this week! We sold almost a million gold worth of items, for a profit of almost 700,000 gold. I bought a mount for 300k and flipped it for 450k which is where a large chunk of the money from this week came from. I also ended up doing some JC vendor flips for 6k gph or so – but I found this a very drab method of making gold, so I didn’t continue it for more than a day. If I’m not interested in what I’m doing chances are I won’t stick with it and that makes it an ineffective gold making method.

I also vendor sold some of the desolate scale treads, which were around 11k gph and significantly less crafting involved. That did require me to snipe the materials (desolate leather in specific, bones have been pretty cheap all around) and I didn’t want to dedicate much time to that, either. Still, I’m happy with the profit.

One thing I’ve seen crop up a lot this week is how gold making is dead and how now people are not selling anything and they’re frustrated. To those people, I ask you to be patient while the market sorts itself out, and to be flexible in how you look at gold making. Will commodity be as profitable as they once were on your specific server – probably not. That does NOT mean gold making is dead. It means we need to adjust how we think about things, and change our expectations. It’s the perfect time to branch out into other methods of gold making – and I also want those same people to keep in mind that we still have no idea if an overall joined AH experience is what the long term goal is. People who are currently selling crafted gear & transmog & pets & mounts may have to also deal with a merged auction house in the future. We haven’t been told. That also doesn’t mean gold making is dead! It does mean we need to continue to adjust and change not only our gold making habits, but the ways that we think about gold – what we view as “good” gold per hour this week may not be the same as what we thought two weeks ago. When Blizzard changed the rules to multiboxing at the end of BFA I had to adjust what I was doing and how I thought about gold (I used to play 5 accounts, I’m now down to playing 2).

Another thing to keep in mind is that if gold making isn’t fun for you any more, or you can’t find a method that brings you joy (I know that sounds a bit corny) – don’t do it. Don’t waste your time in a video game doing something you do not truly enjoy! There’s no point to it. I make gold because I enjoy it. I enjoy collecting things, I enjoy certain aspects of farming (I dislike farming ore and herbs, you will rarely ever see me farming these things). Your time has value. Spend it doing what you love.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself. Time is money, friend!

Guess Who – Lighmedflip

It’s another episode of Guess Who! This week is Lighmedflip from the Lightbringer server – hanging out at the Booty Bay auction house with a little over 2.8 million gold from auctions, and holding onto 2.3 million of it! With 33,000 auction purchases, and 490,000+ sales, it’s interesting to see what they might be focusing on. Their name probably gives it away.

Don’t forget you too can check on your fellow goblins by using the InspectGold addon found on CurseForge. This adds a new tab to a players inspect window where you can check out their interesting statistics.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and remember, time is money, friend!

Guess Who: Hoodat

It’s Saturday! Who did we spot with their gold in Booty Bay this week? It was none other than Hoodat from the Aegwynn server! A new character? A goblin just dipping their toe in to play? We’ll probably never know, but it’s fun to speculate!

As always, this post is brought to you by InspectGold, an addon you can find on CurseForge.

Time is money, friend!

Guess Who: Richlist

It’s time for another episode of Guess Who! This week we spotted Richlist from the Proudmoore server hanging out in Booty Bay. With 266,376 auctions placed for sale, and a little over 6 million gold earned, it’s easy to see why they have ‘rich’ right there in their name!

If you’d like to take a peek at the players around you, don’t forget to grab the ‘InspectGold’ addon from CurseForge. It will add the gold tab to the inspect window, so you too can feel bad about how little gold you’ve acquired.

Come back next week for another episode, and remember folks, time is money!

S4 – Easy Gold?

I make it no secret that I play on two low population servers – one is RP, one is not. It’s where I’m most comfortable making gold, but you really have to know your server.

I had a few left over transfer tokens from when Blizzard had a sale a while ago, and besides my two low population servers, I also have characters on two high pop servers. One I sell Strange Goop on for some pocket change, and one I just use to buy pets on.

On my main server there are no mythic raid guilds so when S4 dropped and everyone was out there farming trash, there was nothing higher than 278 on the AH. I logged in to my high population server (I have a few 50s there), bought a handful of 291/304 gear and brought it back to my low population server.

There’s a ‘right’ price range where people will actively buy off of you, and then a price range where things will sit for a really long time. I’m pretty familiar with what people on my server are willing to pay, and I wanted my items to move before more stock was made available, so I tried to price accordingly.

I made almost 600k profit after taking into consideration the cost of the move and the cost of the items I purchased. I still have items for sale, but I’m happy with where I’m sitting at even if they take time to sell. I noticed some others have brought items to my server, but they haven’t moved yet. There’s no point in flooding my low population server with items, there will not be enough buyers. I’m still incredibly pleased with the results for what amounted to very little actual work.

The start of any new ‘thing’ typically always introduces some temporary way to make gold. Your goal is to try to figure out what that method is before it becomes too popular, before it gets fixed (Blizzard has since nerfed the drop rates of BOE), and before anything else changes to decrease the potential gold that you could make from it. THAT is why I love making gold in World of Warcraft. It’s not static, it’s never boring. It’s always changing, and you have to constantly adapt. When what you’re doing stops being profitable, it’s time to move onto the next thing. I tend to stay away from the FlavourOfTheMonth and use tried and tested methods that I know work where I am playing. It’s a risk, but after so many years it’s one that I’m usually fairly confident will pay off.

Have you been profiting from S4? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Guess Who: Altach

This week we spotted Altach from the Proudmoore server hanging out in Booty Bay! With an impressive 22 million total gold acquired, we can only wonder what this person has been up to! Well, looking at their auctions posted, we can take a guess. That’s a LOT of auctions! Wow!

As always I’m using the InspectGold addon to view these statistics, in case you too are curious about what your fellow Booty Bay goblins are up to. Join us next week for another episode!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Weekly Wrap Up [July 22-July28]

Well, this week I did a lot of spending, that’s what my charts are telling me. I earned 142,000 gold (approx) which is lovely, around 100k a week is where I like to sit, typically for the amount of effort I put in (which has been lacking, tail end of expansion and what not) – but I also leveled up some of my legendary ranks so that I could give my paladin some 291 boots, and I also bought a bunch of expensive toys, some mounts, and whatever else I wandered by that I felt I was lacking. Oh, and I set up my level 3 garrison on a few characters, too. That took a bunch of gold.

As for what’s selling, a few surprises this week. I sold another Big Red Raygun (I sold one last week, too), and some 233 crafted gear. A few recipes (my usual sales) and pets (also usual for me). I restocked the 233 gear, but haven’t had a bite since. Whether it’s from surrounding competition or just a lack of new & returning players on my low population server, I’m not sure.

Still, gold is gold! There was a time when making 140k in a week would have been unheard of for me. I’ve been doing more ‘stuff’ in game (I did timewalking this week!) and just enjoying myself. Surprisingly enough, that’s pretty important when it comes to gaming.

As always, happy goldmaking!