[Guide] Multiboxing in 2022

We’re going to talk about multiboxing in 2022 and how to do it in a way that does not violate the TOS for World of Warcraft – if you’re against multiboxing, this isn’t going to be the post for you, so I highly suggest you skip right over it. I’m not here to debate your moral issues with it.

In BFA, I started multiboxing for the very first time, and I was almost instantly hooked. I used to have 8 active accounts (downsized to 5) and I absolutely loved the community of people I met through it. They were passionate about pushing the boundaries of what they could do as their own team, and it was fascinating to watch. Then blizzard banned broadcasting software, and a lot of the public became incredibly vocal about their opinion on multiboxers. Rightfully so in some cases, I understand when gameplay is disrupted, it’s not much fun. However, I don’t think that all multiboxers are out to get you.

I stopped multiboxing right then and there. Downsized from 8 accounts to 2, and never attempted it since. I knew there were other ways people were getting around the TOS, but my thoughts on it (and the community) had soured slightly. The thing is, multiboxing appeals to a certain type of person, and it’s REALLY hard to go back to playing just one account after some time. I would look for other ways to entertain myself in game, and none of it came close to the rush that I got when taking on a dungeon with my team that we shouldn’t have been attempting.

That was over two years ago. Now it’s 2022, and yes, multiboxing is still a thing. The community is a lot quieter, more cautious, less likely to discuss anything with anyone for fear of being banned – but it’s there. It’s NOT banned, broadcasting is. So how can you multibox in 2022 and NOT violate the TOS?

First, you need to grab a desktop application called WoWOpenBox (it’s on GitHub). This lets you resize your windows and it also lets you set something called ‘focus follows mouse’ so as you move your mouse around to your windows, those windows will be the focus. It’s seamless and low key. It does NOT broadcast anything. It arranges your windows so they’re all pretty.

You might also want two addons which you can get from CurseForge, one is called DynamicBoxer and the other is called MAMA. These are NOT required in any way/shape/form – in fact, you don’t even need WoWOpenBox, you can do it all manually. I just prefer my windows to be neat and tidy/easy to reach.

Negative0 has posted a video over on YouTube explaining how to set it all up. It’s nice and simple, low maintenance. I have a follow macro so everyone will follow, and I have attack macros but they’re just base game things. I have to move my mouse across each screen and hit a button for them to do anything. I’m still getting used to that part, it takes some practice. It works really well with tanks/healers, because I have assist macros set up and my healer can heal and stabilize the tank fairly easily with HoT (heal over time) then I can mouse back to the tank and continue to let them do their thing.

Is it perfect? No. Is it as nice as broadcasting? Absolutely not. It’s slower, bulkier, and there’s no way I’d want to do resource farming like that personally, all that mounting and dismounting and clicking – but it is fun to run dungeons, to farm transmog for myself, and even to make guilds and unlock achievements. I haven’t decided how long I want to multibox for so I’m just going month to month with gold on most of the accounts, but remember you can also recruit a friend yourself, and earn some free game time in there as well. I’ve missed multiboxing, and I encourage people who don’t know much about it to learn why it’s so appealing. It might not always be the reasons your thinking of.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Guess Who 8: Grimsniping

This week in Booty Bay we took a peek at Grimsniping from the Drenden server! This person was not a new goblin, with over 8.9 million gold earned from auctions. With 204,000+ auctions posted, I wonder what their commodity of choice is!

It also looks (if we go by their name) that their gold making of choice is – sniping. Do they use TSM? Do they use point blank sniper? Are they using some custom grown auction house tool? Who knows! That’s the fun of speculating on strangers standing around the auction house.

If this happens to be your character maybe you’d like to comment and clarify! Otherwise, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself, and maybe next week you’ll be spotted on GUESS WHO.

Guess Who 7: Athang

Who are we inspecting this week? In Booty Bay it was Athang from the Terenas server! A newer goblin it looks like (I usually assume if they’re hanging out at Booty Bay they either don’t realize there’s no neutral markets any more, or they’re goblins setting up shop). Looks like they deal in commodities with just over 80k earned from the AH, and over 1,691 auctions posted.

Every Saturday we stop by the auction house in Booty Bay and use the addon InspectGold to take a peek at peoples millions. You never know what other goblins are up to!

Guess Who 6: Homelaander

This week we spied Homelaander from the Proudmoore server hanging out in Booty Bay! A newer goblin, it looks like they might deal in craft materials – though they have also put in a moderate bid at some point.

I noticed that the number of players hanging around Booty Bay has increased significantly over the past week, I wonder if there’s a surplus of players around or if suddenly they all just want to work the auction house.

Some of those players must be noticing the bots, too, because the auction house NPC’s are killed far more frequently than I have seen. While this does temporarily hinder the bots, please remember reporting them insures that you’re not also disrupting regular players.

Guess Who V: Gambito

We’re bringing you lifestyles of the rich and famous from Booty Bay – and this week it’s Gambito from the Shandris server. With just over a million gold acquired, they look like they might be a newer goblin (or perhaps just very casual). They also have quite a few items put for sale on the AH, so my guess is harvested materials.

Is this you? Be sure to wave as we take your picture for next week’s lifestyles of the rich and famous in Booty Bay! As always I’m using the InspectGold addon that you can find on curse forge.

Guess Who IV: BankofKaos

This week in Booty Bay we spotted Bankofkaos from the Stonemaul server. Looks like most of their gold comes from AH sales, but they shuffle it off to another character since they’re not really holding too much. Opposite faction, so I couldn’t say hell0 – but maybe this is your character! Hello!

That wraps up another Guess Who. We’ll see who we spot next week, as always in Booty Bay.

Guess Who III

We’re back with another Guess Who! Spying on the rich and famous in Booty Bay. Speaking of Booty.. this is “Awesomebutt” from the Darkspear server. Not the richest goblin out there, but this character has earned over three million gold – though it looks like they typically send it off to a main or bank it as their ‘most gold ever owned’ is fairly low.

Welcome to Booty Bay, Awesomebutt!

Remember if you want to spy on these characters you can do so with the addon ‘InspectGold’ from Curse. When you inspect a player you’ll have an extra tab at the bottom of the gear UI that talks about gold.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Guess Who II:

Today’s goblin troll is Metaz from the Zul’jin server. I’ve seen this player hanging around Booty Bay a few times now, but they don’t appear to be a big player or they might be new. I wonder what they spend their time doing!

All the best in your future endevours, Metaz! We see you.

You might recall that our previous ‘guess who’ had earned over half a billion gold, and this is just a friendly reminder that big or small – inside, we’re all goblins.

Weekly Wrap Up [Apr10-17]

Significantly better this week when it comes to sales, I made over a million gold, which was also over a million gold profit. Last week my profit was 356,858g and this week I’m looking at 1,170,390. It just shows how much things can fluctuate – and how much you can make if you’re actively trying. This week I did more mission tables, more quests, and a lot more farming. I did zero shadowlands legendaries or 233/262 gear.

Most of the gold comes from selling the strange goop mount that I’ve been fishing up. I spend 1-2h fishing and sometimes longer when my hands are doing poorly due to MS. It’s one of the few activities I can do that don’t wreck havoc with my body, because there’s very little movement involved. I use the addon FishingBuddy that lets me bind fishing keys, and so far it has worked out lovely. I got VERY lucky with my casts this week. There were a few nights I was fishing 3 up in a two hour period. That’s not common for me.

I also managed to fish up a Great Sea Ray from BFA – much more rare than strange goop, so far I’ve only found one. Those BC plans that I looted while doing my 100 runs of Sunwell are on there, as well as the big red raygun I farmed a few of (and subsequently raised the price of). Interestingly enough my next largest sale is actually ZM fish. I’m not sure what they’re used in, but they’re selling pretty well. I did a little marrowroot farming, and there’s some of my usual mish mash in there as well, pets, crafted glyphs, a couch toy that I flipped.

I did also spend over 100k this week, mostly because I was testing out the new sniper addon and looking for things to purchase. Few of them have resold, but I’m hoping over time it will pay off. I have never been a big buyer, but I do like to browse. I’m also just not on enough servers nor do I have enough time to really play with the big goblins.

Still, for the amount of effort I put in I am incredibly pleased with this week’s wrap up. Goal is to keep it up – probably won’t happen, it’s going to be a very long week and then I have a cross country move looming, but I shall do my best!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Saturday: Guess Who

I have always found gold making to be a neat social experiment. Talking to other goblins, creating friendships across social platforms – maybe not necessarily joining up in game, but we tend to do that too. Just take a look at Booty Bay and the folks who are hanging around.

There’s an addon called InspectGold that is currently maintained by Vahdis and when you inspect a player it adds a new tab called ‘gold’ it basically just takes the gold making components of the achievement window (which you can access if you inspect someone) and shows you the numbers. If you want to see this on your own characters you can just hit Y and go to the statistics tab of your achievements.

There are less goblins hanging out in Booty Bay these days since with the Brutosaur mount there’s less reasons – but you can still spot super rich and brand new goblins there. If you’re like me and fascinated by how everyone else is doing, you may want to install the addon and take a peek around. So far the screenshot above is the richest goblin I’ve found, Forywithlove from the Sargeras server is a level 60 monk who has made over half a billion gold on this one character.

That’s right, these achievements are per character.

I love reaching out and talking to goblins and use it as motivation and inspiration in my own gold making endevours, so if you happen to spot me in game at Booty Bay (I hang out there even though I have my bruto) be sure to say hello!

Next Saturday I’ll feature someone else hanging around Booty Bay, who knows, it might be you!