Guess Who: Ducadeals

Who are we spying on this week in Booty Bay? It is none other than Ducadeals, from the Proudmoore server. It looks like this might be a fresh goblin just starting out, or maybe they’re just doing some shopping. Whatever their business, gold is no secret with the InspectGold addon from Curseforge!

I’ll see you next week, for another episode of Guess Who!


Guess Who: Loenleron

It’s Saturday and that means it’s time for another episode of Guess Who! This week we came across Loenleron from the Aegwynn server standing around the auction house in Booty Bay.

With over 47 million gold acquired from auctions and only 49,239 auctions posted, this appears to be a pretty heavy player! Where did all of their gold come from? Only they know!

As always you can check out your fellow players and their gold by installing the ‘InspectGold’ addon from Curseforge. Until next week, happy gold making!

Guess Who – Lighmedflip

It’s another episode of Guess Who! This week is Lighmedflip from the Lightbringer server – hanging out at the Booty Bay auction house with a little over 2.8 million gold from auctions, and holding onto 2.3 million of it! With 33,000 auction purchases, and 490,000+ sales, it’s interesting to see what they might be focusing on. Their name probably gives it away.

Don’t forget you too can check on your fellow goblins by using the InspectGold addon found on CurseForge. This adds a new tab to a players inspect window where you can check out their interesting statistics.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and remember, time is money, friend!

Guess Who: Hoodat

It’s Saturday! Who did we spot with their gold in Booty Bay this week? It was none other than Hoodat from the Aegwynn server! A new character? A goblin just dipping their toe in to play? We’ll probably never know, but it’s fun to speculate!

As always, this post is brought to you by InspectGold, an addon you can find on CurseForge.

Time is money, friend!

Guess Who: Richlist

It’s time for another episode of Guess Who! This week we spotted Richlist from the Proudmoore server hanging out in Booty Bay. With 266,376 auctions placed for sale, and a little over 6 million gold earned, it’s easy to see why they have ‘rich’ right there in their name!

If you’d like to take a peek at the players around you, don’t forget to grab the ‘InspectGold’ addon from CurseForge. It will add the gold tab to the inspect window, so you too can feel bad about how little gold you’ve acquired.

Come back next week for another episode, and remember folks, time is money!

Guess Who: Altach

This week we spotted Altach from the Proudmoore server hanging out in Booty Bay! With an impressive 22 million total gold acquired, we can only wonder what this person has been up to! Well, looking at their auctions posted, we can take a guess. That’s a LOT of auctions! Wow!

As always I’m using the InspectGold addon to view these statistics, in case you too are curious about what your fellow Booty Bay goblins are up to. Join us next week for another episode!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Guess Who: Laziee

Another Saturday means another day peeking at goblins and checking out their gold in Booty Bay. This week we’re looking at Laziee from the Proudmoore server who has earned over 26 million gold! They’ve made a good number of purchases and sales, do we think they’re a flipper? Maybe! If this happens to be you why don’t you let us know how you’ve earned your millions.

For those interested the InspectGold addon can be found on CurseForge. As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Guess Who 8: Grimsniping

This week in Booty Bay we took a peek at Grimsniping from the Drenden server! This person was not a new goblin, with over 8.9 million gold earned from auctions. With 204,000+ auctions posted, I wonder what their commodity of choice is!

It also looks (if we go by their name) that their gold making of choice is – sniping. Do they use TSM? Do they use point blank sniper? Are they using some custom grown auction house tool? Who knows! That’s the fun of speculating on strangers standing around the auction house.

If this happens to be your character maybe you’d like to comment and clarify! Otherwise, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself, and maybe next week you’ll be spotted on GUESS WHO.

Guess Who 7: Athang

Who are we inspecting this week? In Booty Bay it was Athang from the Terenas server! A newer goblin it looks like (I usually assume if they’re hanging out at Booty Bay they either don’t realize there’s no neutral markets any more, or they’re goblins setting up shop). Looks like they deal in commodities with just over 80k earned from the AH, and over 1,691 auctions posted.

Every Saturday we stop by the auction house in Booty Bay and use the addon InspectGold to take a peek at peoples millions. You never know what other goblins are up to!

Guess Who 6: Homelaander

This week we spied Homelaander from the Proudmoore server hanging out in Booty Bay! A newer goblin, it looks like they might deal in craft materials – though they have also put in a moderate bid at some point.

I noticed that the number of players hanging around Booty Bay has increased significantly over the past week, I wonder if there’s a surplus of players around or if suddenly they all just want to work the auction house.

Some of those players must be noticing the bots, too, because the auction house NPC’s are killed far more frequently than I have seen. While this does temporarily hinder the bots, please remember reporting them insures that you’re not also disrupting regular players.