Guess Who IV: BankofKaos

This week in Booty Bay we spotted Bankofkaos from the Stonemaul server. Looks like most of their gold comes from AH sales, but they shuffle it off to another character since they’re not really holding too much. Opposite faction, so I couldn’t say hell0 – but maybe this is your character! Hello!

That wraps up another Guess Who. We’ll see who we spot next week, as always in Booty Bay.

Guess Who III

We’re back with another Guess Who! Spying on the rich and famous in Booty Bay. Speaking of Booty.. this is “Awesomebutt” from the Darkspear server. Not the richest goblin out there, but this character has earned over three million gold – though it looks like they typically send it off to a main or bank it as their ‘most gold ever owned’ is fairly low.

Welcome to Booty Bay, Awesomebutt!

Remember if you want to spy on these characters you can do so with the addon ‘InspectGold’ from Curse. When you inspect a player you’ll have an extra tab at the bottom of the gear UI that talks about gold.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Guess Who II:

Today’s goblin troll is Metaz from the Zul’jin server. I’ve seen this player hanging around Booty Bay a few times now, but they don’t appear to be a big player or they might be new. I wonder what they spend their time doing!

All the best in your future endevours, Metaz! We see you.

You might recall that our previous ‘guess who’ had earned over half a billion gold, and this is just a friendly reminder that big or small – inside, we’re all goblins.