[Casual] Road to 10 Million – COMPLETED!

For the past 146 days, I’ve been running my ‘road to 10 million’ challenge, where I earned gold on a low population server, and attempted to make gold cap within a 1 year time frame. I figured this would be a fairly casual endevour, and I just wanted to prove to people that you can make gold anywhere. That holds true even more today than in the past, thanks to the region wide commodity auction house.

Today I completed that goal on my first server – yay! The graph shows some interesting things. The very first gigantic rise was when I bought a number of Shadowlands raid items to my low population server. I sold them at a hefty profit and then things tapered out a bit again. I played maybe 20 minutes a day, mostly just restocking my auction house character and looking for deals to buy every once in a while.

Most of my gold came from fishing (Dragonflight), and Strange Goop (Shadowlands). It was never huge amounts, but it was constant on a weekly basis. Then on November 28th Dragonflight released, and sales spiked. Most of my sales after the release have been fish & recipes. I have no level 70s on this server, and no crafters. I’m incredibly pleased that I managed to reach 10 million gold with (what I consider to be) very little effort.

Tips? BE CONSISTENT. You can’t make gold if you’re bouncing all over the place never invested in anything at all. I don’t make millions in a single day, but I am pretty consistent. It adds up.

Stop FOMO (fear of missing out). Unless you’re the VERY FIRST to hit a new gold making method, maybe don’t follow the crowds. Yes, we would all love to have jumped on the crimson combat recipe / gear train, but by the time most of us hear about those things, they are no longer the profit they once were. It does not matter what everyone else is doing to make gold. Find what YOU like to do, and find your niche from there.

Have fun. If it becomes work, or you’re just not having fun, don’t do it. If it’s stressful, don’t do it. This is a video game, and we all have real life obligations that we like to escape from. Making gold should be something that is fun and shouldn’t add stress to your life. I realize that’s easier said than done, especially if you rely on a token to continue playing, but your time is valuable. Do something you enjoy.

What’s next now that I’ve reached 10 million? I haven’t decided quite yet. My other low population server is at just over 8 million gold, so I’m thinking I will focus there next, and then when I’ve reached gold cap on two servers, I’ll probably start a new challenge. Since raiding and M+ is something I’ve never really been able to do (whether it’s because of my available time or because of my health issues) I might end up buying some boosts. In the meantime I’m just happy with my casual progress.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


[Casual] Road to 10 Million (Day 117/365)

We’re so close to the 7 million mark on one of the low pop servers! I’m excited about this. I sold a few strange goop but where most of my gold came from was from jewelcrafting and leatherworking. 233/262 gear has been flying off the shelves, and even the lower level stuff has been moving pretty well. I spend approx 1h a day working towards ‘gold making’ and this includes crafting, putting stuff up for sale & in the past, doing my covenant tables. On one of my servers I have all of my mains, and they’ve unlocked all of the crafters marks and the profits from that have been enormous. On my second server, while we’re over 7 million now, the profits have slowed down a HUGE amount. I have no crafters there with any reputation, and they have no crafters marks unlocked.

Both servers are low pop, but it’s significantly easier to make gold on the server you actively PLAY on instead of a random one where you’re not established. I had hoped to expand and establish myself on multiple servers by now, but that wasn’t to be – I simply do not have the time.

These two servers are my main ones and include my casual road to 10 million goals, but I’m also on three other servers where I make gold. These servers are more populated, and I tend to sell goops there, or flip transmog. I consider the gold there my ‘play money’ to put towards whims. The gold on my challenge servers I tend to just hoard and save for a rainy day. I believe that gold should be spent, after all we already work so hard to pinch and save in real life, doing it in a video game can’t possibly be any fun – but there is a little fun in watching it accumulate.

This was day 117, and the ‘goal’ is slightly over 3 million, so to be past 7 million on one server, and almost there on another, makes me very happy. I know I don’t have enormous amounts of time to spend, so I do my best with what I have. If I can make this amount on low population servers, with one hour a day of investment, I am truly confident that players can make gold anywhere, especially if they just want to be able to afford game time.

[Casual] Road to 10 Million [Day 103/365]

We did it! We’ve crossed over into the 6 million gold mark. It has been 104 days on my low population server, and this includes both crafting & any weeklies or vendor flips I do. The ‘goal’ for this point in time is just shy of 3 million, so hovering over 6 is a nice feeling. Day to day sales have been pretty good, I even sold a strange goop on this server (not common for me, some servers just don’t do well).

My second low population server is starting to slow down quite a bit. This server is full of level 60 characters but none of them have done anything in Shadowlands. They have only base recipes, no crafter’s marks (besides the default ones) and I haven’t dedicated very much time to them at all. Most of my gold actually came from transferring a bunch of BoE from a high population server. I do some pet sales here, but nothing in any sort of volume.

That being said, we are creeping up to the 7 million gold mark on that server, which is a nice feeling considering how neglected it is. Some days I don’t even relist my auctions (especially on busy days) so the fact that we’re well above where we should be for this time of year bodes well.

I have gold scattered around a few other servers but it’s used for token purchases or flips if I find a nice deal. I’m slowly leveling those characters up past 10 just to have more max level characters (until Dragonflight comes out at least, then they’ll all need more levels). Gold is easier to make if you’re using max level characters since then you can access more stuff in general.

It’s not the fastest gold making, but it’s not intended to be. I spend maybe an hour a day on steady gold making habits, and the rest of my time (if I have any left over) is doing ‘fun’ things, like pet battles, dungeons, LFR. Some days I have more time available, others I have less. It just depends. Making gold is never static, and you have to be able to move and adjust as it changes. In any case, things are going well and I can’t wait to see how gold making picks up in the next expansion.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

[Casual] Road to 10 Million [Day 89/365]

Alright, so the numbers show that by day 89 I should have 3,200,000 gold in order to earn 10 million in one year, and I have 5,169,000 on one server, and just over 6,000,000 on my second low pop server. By ‘casual’ I mean I am spending probably 1h or less on these servers working towards gold making. It’s nothing intense, and it’s about the long term goal of reaching cap. The point? To show players that anyone truly can make enough gold for what they want to accomplish in game.

On my second server I did end up spending a fair amount, I wanted to stock up on some mounts that have vendor purchased components and they’re not cheap. I haven’t sold them yet, but I am almost back to where I was before that giant purchase already, and the dip barely registers on my graph. It’s a lot easier to make gold if you have some to invest, whether that’s from flipping, crafting, or some other method. Where you decide to invest matters, I tend to play it safe, just out of habit.

With Dragonflight inching its way closer and closer, I’m excited for a few things. I want to see what happens with the token (will it start falling, finally), and I can’t wait to see what sort of gold opportunities we all find. In the mean time, I’m going to continue slow and steady.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Road to 10 Million Gold (80/365)

Well, let’s face it – that’s a lot of zeros in the screenshot above. I had been doing fairly well on my goal to reach 10 million gold in 365 days (casually) and then hurricane Fiona hit and we lost power and internet service for 13 days, so my plans sort of went out the window. I was concerned for a little while that I may actually lose all of the items I had put up on the auction house, so I attempted to use some free wifi at our public library, but thankfully internet was restored.

On server A I’m currently sitting at: 4,915,000 gold

Server B I’m sitting at: 6,484,000 gold

I’m confident that I’ll be able to reach my goal of 10 million gold on each of these servers before a year passes (I’m currently on day 80), but I also have some expenses coming up. My 2nd account will need some game time before too long, Dragonflight is coming out, and I’ve been working on collecting recipes which is never a cheap prospect (unless you go and farm them all, and who has time for that).

I’m happy with the progress, but I really wish I hadn’t lost those two weeks. I’m also about to ramp up my gold making (hopefully) by getting back into professions – something I have avoided since the auction house merge while I waited for things to stabilize. It has been a bit of time now, and I’m hoping my server can handle a few sales. As a bit of a side hustle, I’m also doing some farming for twink gear over on another server that is separate from this road to 10 million challenge, and I’m having an enormous amount of fun over there. Spreading myself out when I already have limited play time is not something I enjoy doing but sometimes you just have to go where the fun is.

I’m glad to be back, happy to be posting, and even happier to be making gold again.

Road to 10 Million [53/365]

It’s day 53 of 365, and I’ve done some number crunching. What started out as a goal to reach cap on one server expanded to two servers. I’ve been neglecting both of them and playing on a 3rd (higher population) server lately, but the gold is still trickling in.

On one server in 53 days I have earned 930,936 gold. This is my main server, where most of my characters are, but it is also the lowest population at 13k.

On my second server in 53 days I have earned 2,793,804 gold profit. This is also a low population server, but it hovers slightly higher than my main one. I don’t actively play on this server any more, but I did buy a whole bunch of items from a high population server and moved them – selling them for a profit. It was lovely. That’s where most of the sales come from.

I’m still well ahead of where I need to be, and I’m just sort of coasting until Dragonflight comes along and then I’ll explore new gold making opportunities there. Making gold is always easier at the start of an expansion vs. the tail end of one where no one is shopping and everyone is bored.

I didn’t get into legendaries at all in Shadowlands, and in fact took a four month break at the start of this year, so I haven’t done much crafting. I’d like to change that in Dragonflight, but it will of course depend on how many other people decide they’re going to do the same thing. On the plus side, I’m still having a lot of fun and experimenting with new methods all of the time. There’s lots of other goblins out there with unique gold making methods, and I like to give everything a try at least once to see if it’s something I want to continue (note to self, vendor flipping is slow and I’d rather do almost anything else).

It’ll be fun to see where this goes, and see if I can casually meet my goal. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Road To 10 Million [47/365]

This week was the first one back to classes for my family, which means a LOT less time for gold making because I’m homeschooling my 6 year old son. He was diagnosed with autism and global developmental delay when he was 3, so after looking into the resources available, my husband and I decided that the best course of action would be to homeschool. Moving on..

A grand total of 52k gained on one server (thanks to making some hefty purchases), and only 22k gained on my second server. While technically I am still ahead of where I need to be in order to reach gold cap in 365 days, it is a far cry from what I had hoped to be making. The truth of the matter is you get out of gold making what you put into it. If you don’t put any / put very little effort into it – that is going to reflect in your numbers.

It doesn’t bother me, I understand the situation and what I need to do if I want to rectify it, but it is a bit frustrating to have to micromanage life to this degree. If I don’t make gold cap that’s perfectly OK, it is just a dream for this casual player since I haven’t had gold cap since I bought my brutosaurus.

It also doesn’t help that lately I’ve been spending more and more time on a medium/high population server where sales actually happen (gasp). My stuff might not be selling for as much as it does on my low pop, but they do move, which is (quite frankly) a really nice feeling. So much so that I’m debating just setting up shop there permanently. I made 400k this week on that server, something I can only pull off when I really dedicate myself to gold making on the low pop ones I play on.

Of course as always the main point to any challenge is to have fun – which I am still doing, even if it is in a roundabout way. I love making gold, I love seeing progress. I just wish I were seeing more of a forward momentum than I have been.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Road to 10 Million (40/365)

We are on day 40 of 365 in my adventures to reach 10 million gold (on two low population servers) and I have to say, it’s going pretty well so far! On one server I was ahead by only 8k (but it makes sense, because I barely played that server this week) – and on my other server, I made 214k towards my goal. For both servers I am well above where I need to be, and that gives me a lot of breathing room. I’m really excited to see how Dragonflight adds up, and I have been working on arranging my gold making habits to be a bit more consistent. It seems to be working. Now I just need to spread that to both servers.

Keep in mind I’m doing this as a casual player, I average maybe an hour, sometimes more and that’s split between all my servers and all the things I like to do (lately I’ve been working on collecting mounts and transmog which actually uses up my gold instead of adding to it in most cases, lol).

I’m doing a lot of in-game activities that are semi related to gold making but not directly. Things like covenant tables, covenant dailies / weeklies, doing the patterns within patterns quest, the oribos pvp quest, and stuff like that. You get a lot of pocket change, and that is helping out a ton when / if sales are lacking. Especially on these low pop servers (I’ve made more this week on my level 20 character on a medium pop realm than I have in a long time on my low pop realms). It can be difficult to make gold on a low pop realm, but I want to show you that it’s not impossible.

Sure, it’s not billions of gold like the big goblins, but I’m perfectly happy with my time invested vs. my gold output. I feel like it’s a pretty good balance, and most importantly, I’m having fun. If I wasn’t having fun then I certainly wouldn’t be doing it.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself, and remember – time is money, friends!

Road to 10 Million [34/365]

We’re on day 34 of 365 in trying to reach gold cap on at least one server (but more likely two servers) as an ultra casual player. The ‘goal’ was to aim for 25k per day (I’m no where near that lately, it’s a bit all over the place) and the motivation was to help focus my gold making efforts, but so far that has absolutely NOT happened, thanks in part to IRL being busy, and in part due to the volatile nature of the auction house since the commodity merge.

On one of my servers I did very well, in a week I made a little over 275k profit. On my other server, however, I am in the red, down -25k. That one is a bit painful.

What happened this week? Well, I bought a few pieces of gear (a 291 piece which are still 70k on my server), and a whole bunch of supplies that I ended up doing nothing with. It was a combination of bad investments and horrible choices – and it happens. Overall I’m still ahead, I have 4.2 million and I should be at 1.8 million – but if it continues to trend this way, I will eventually fall behind. I think I can keep ahead of that – maybe. It will require some focus and that has not been my strong point, let’s be honest.

Both of these servers are low population, but one is a roleplay realm (and my alliance factioned realm of choice) and the other one is a regular realm and is my horde factioned realm of choice. I have 12 characters on each, and craft on each. I haven’t done any stocking up yet, my transmog pile is abysmal at best. That’s the fun of having limited time to play, there’s only so much I can do. I do try to do my covenant tables once a day, but even that can fall by the wayside.

In any case, for now, we’re on track. Hopefully that continues! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Road to 10 Million [26/365]

This week was a bit of a crazy one. The new merged commodity auction house released on Tuesday, and it has been riddled with bugs and issues – but also, for the first time ever on my low population server, things are selling. Sales are good for everyone, bringing casual players back to the auction house is never a bad thing. My method of thinking is that as more casual players return to the game & they actively participate in the market and earn gold by selling their commodities, they then have the gold to make purchases on their server, things like mounts and transmog. Getting activity into the AH that’s not just between gold making goblins is essential to a healthy economy. I think that this is Blizzard’s goal.

Anyway, my sales have done fantastic. There are in general, MORE people buying AND selling on the AH. Not just commodity. This makes me very happy. I reached over 4 million on my main server, and I just broke 6 million on my secondary server (both low population servers).

My goal is to try to hit 10 million on a single server within 365 days, which encompasses both the AH merge, and Dragonflight release (and hopefully things settling down, sometime). If I can maintain 25k a day, this goal should be fairly easy to reach. If I dip below that for too many days in a row, it might become an issue. So far both servers are on track, but I have over two million more on my lesser played server thanks to bringing some 304/291 gear over to sell.

I just want people to know that you can remain a goblin and work at gold making WITHOUT having to be doom and gloom about everything. Just give it some time, be patient. Explore new markets and new methods of making gold. If your time is valuable (and I would hope it is) don’t sink to the lowest common denominator and start selling commodity for super cheap. Instead move on to something else. There IS gold out there to be made. You just have to figure out the method that works for you.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and remember, time is money friend!