Road to 10 Million (12/365)

I meant to update sooner than now, but life of course got in the way! We started this road to 10 million gold back around the end of July with 3,694,000 gold – and today, 12 days into the project, we’re at 4,158,298. That’s a total gain of 464,234g and in order to be on track, we should have earned 300,000 – so we’ve got a surplus of 164,234g. That’s why it’s important to look at the big picture. If you check out the individual days in my chart above you’ll see some pretty abysmal numbers on some days. Then other days are above and beyond the set gold gain. In the end, it should balance out nicely.

Why this challenge? I have millions of gold but most of it is spread between 5 servers, and since Brutosaur I haven’t had 10 million in one spot. Sure, I could move some gold around and have the cap instantly, but what’s the fun in that! So I decided to give myself a year to earn cap on a single server. This is a low population server (13k active players) where I have most of my characters, and is meant to be a casual foray into gold making. I don’t plan on importing goods, but I do hope to take advantage of Dragonflight when it releases. We’ll just have to see where we end up!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


Weekly Wrap Up [July 27-Aug 03]

This was a much better week when it came to gold making! People are coming back thanks to Season 4, and sales have started happening on my low population server. I even managed to sell a few T1 legendary pieces, who would have thought. I also fished up (and sold) another strange goop, and I’ve been trying to get more ray guns to sell since I sold my last one, but they’ve been VERY stingy with the drops.

I managed to get a 265 LFR drop last night, sold that immediately, sold a goop, the dark herring is an off hand that has a fish appearance, a few plans, the lattice that I sold for 30k is the vespiod one I got from a named, and I sold a few other pets / recipes / generic bits and bobs. Overall, a pretty profitable week! I hope it continues. I do have to do some farming in the future, and I will have some Dragonflight Alpha posts going up before too long. Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I haven’t been playing!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Weekly Wrap Up [July 22-July28]

Well, this week I did a lot of spending, that’s what my charts are telling me. I earned 142,000 gold (approx) which is lovely, around 100k a week is where I like to sit, typically for the amount of effort I put in (which has been lacking, tail end of expansion and what not) – but I also leveled up some of my legendary ranks so that I could give my paladin some 291 boots, and I also bought a bunch of expensive toys, some mounts, and whatever else I wandered by that I felt I was lacking. Oh, and I set up my level 3 garrison on a few characters, too. That took a bunch of gold.

As for what’s selling, a few surprises this week. I sold another Big Red Raygun (I sold one last week, too), and some 233 crafted gear. A few recipes (my usual sales) and pets (also usual for me). I restocked the 233 gear, but haven’t had a bite since. Whether it’s from surrounding competition or just a lack of new & returning players on my low population server, I’m not sure.

Still, gold is gold! There was a time when making 140k in a week would have been unheard of for me. I’ve been doing more ‘stuff’ in game (I did timewalking this week!) and just enjoying myself. Surprisingly enough, that’s pretty important when it comes to gaming.

As always, happy goldmaking!

Road to 10 Million

Back in BFA, Samadan made a lovely google sheet tracking the 5 million gold required to obtain the brutosaurus mount. Looking at gold making in smaller chunks can often motivate you to stick with a long term project, realizing that it’s not ‘too’ bad to obtain your goal. Since the bruto mount is gone (and I have already purchased two of them, one for myself and one for my husband) I have needed some motivation to keep up with my gold making. Drizzling Rose has a challenge going on where she’s been using the same chart, and that’s what inspired me to continue on with my own.

I decided I would love to hit gold cap on a single server. Right now my gold is spread between 4 servers, and I haven’t been at cap since BFA. I don’t consider myself a big time goblin pulling in multi millions a day, but I’m a steady casual gold maker who believes that anything is obtainable if you can be consistent. Anyway, my latest goal is to reach 10 million in a year. 365 days. I’ve tweaked the challenge a bit, I’m starting at almost 4 million to begin with, and my daily ‘goal’ is 25k.

Why? I’m not really sure, it’s just something I want to do. I also would love to expand this goal to all of my servers, but I don’t think that’s reasonable at this time, I just can’t dedicate as much time as I’d like to playing WoW. I will of course provide weekly updates, and go over what I’m doing to make gold. I’m also excited to see how Dragonflight plays into it, and to watch how making gold changes (or doesn’t change). For now? Covenant tables and missions are my main gold making endevour. I have 12 level 60 characters on this server (one of each class) which should be a nice amount that I can keep up with.

Have you set yourself any gold making challenges? Let me know in comments!

Weekly Wrap Up [July11-July18]

What can I say, it’s the middle of the summer and sales are SLOW. I’ve also been focusing on other things besides gold making, which I tend to do as we get near the end of an expansion. Does that mean I’m not a goblin? No, of course not don’t be silly. It just means that you should be prepared for gold making to ebb and flow. Adjust. All that good stuff.

This was a great week for mage tower gear! I restocked that, someone must have been buying a set. My very last strange goop finally sold, and a handful of pets. I also ended up spending 120k on scout maps so my alts could have some flight paths – I had no idea these toys were a thing. I’ve been working on a level locked 10 character to boost my other accounts through dungeons, so gold making has been on the back burner (temporarily) as I do that. It’s a lot of fun, and a neat challenge for myself.

Things are in a bit of a waiting game as I want to see what happens to the auction house and the commodity changes that are incoming! I’m eager to see how crafting and prices change. I’m not stockpiling for S4 (gasp) but those of you who know me are familiar with the fact that I don’t typically stock up. Optimization? I don’t know the meaning of the word.

I’m hoping things pick up, but I know that it will require much more effort on my part.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Wrap Up [June27-July4]

Things have started to slow down in terms of sales this week for me personally, but it’s about what I expect with summer and a bit of a content drought going on (until Season 4). What did surprise me is what sold, all of the sudden pets are flying off the shelves that were not selling previously. Since I spend a lot of time running alts through pet battles this has been very good for me, and I need to restock (again).

Goop sales have also slowed down, whether it’s because people have the mount, don’t know about the mount, or there’s more competition in general, I’m not sure. I sold two last week (some weeks I can average 5+) and that’s alright, but not great. I need to restock some glyphs, and just need to restock crafting in general. I’m sort of looking forward to seeing what shake up happens when the commodities go region wide, for my low pop server prices might come down slightly but it will also really be nice to get materials that are rare / expensive or just simply purchase things that there typically isn’t any supply of (which happens frequently). I am not adverse to a region wide auction house, but I do think it will take some adaptation.

Anyway, that’s the sales for the week! I’ll be streaming on Wednesday at 9pm EDT over on Twitch, so if you’d like to check it out go give me a follow.

Weekly Wrap Up [June20-June27]

Not too shabby! This week there was a total of 907,972 gold profit. I barely spent anything (pretty typical for me at the end of an expansion) and most of my sales came from *drum roll please* strange goop.

I have been pretty lazy in restocking since we’re still unpacking the house and getting set up here (and I’m still trying to get things set up for streaming) so it’s really no surprise that my sales show that. I did get a little fishing done in the evenings when the minions headed off to bed, I really didn’t have the energy or willpower for too much more.

There were some other sales tucked in there too – the mage tower gear sold (it has a craft cost of less than 100g), we sold some level 60 shadowsteel gear (not speed pieces this time around), and a few pets. Things are (understandably) slowing down now that the nice weather is here and it’s coming up to the end of the expansion when we know it will all be replaced come December (or whenever Dragonflight releases, there’s some debate over that in the community, I know).

How are you keeping busy? Are your sales slowing down or are you going ahead full throttle? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Wrap Up [June15-June22]

It has been a little while! Almost a month, actually. I am finally moved across the country to my new house, in a new province, with new internet! That’s right, I no longer have the 5mbps internet that I’ve had for the past (almost) 3 years. That means gold making streams will be starting VERY soon! I’m hoping to launch that on the 25th of June. It has been years since I did any streaming, so I expect it will be a bit rough to start, but I’ll find my groove eventually.

I have tentatively started putting up my auctions once again. I haven’t done any crafting or farming but I did have a few strange goops left to get rid of, and then a bit of regular inventory. I haven’t been listing things while I’ve been traveling across the country, so sales have slowed down significantly.

Nothing especially unusual this week for sales, a few bits of crafted, some flipped items, (those leggings for 90k were a flip I bought for 50k, they’re only ilevel 2xx), a few pets, some goops. Dragonflight went on sale for pre-order, and the token responded accordingly and I think right now at the time of this post on NA it’s hovering around the 209k mark. I’m glad I managed to stock up beforehand.

I decided to pick up the physical copy of the game in the collector’s edition bundle because I have had a dream of owning all of the physical boxes for quite some time now – I know, it’s VERY late in the game to start collecting the boxes, but I decided this year would be the year I tried. I also bought the digital version of the game for my main account, using bnet balance that I had stashed a few months back. I do need two copies since I run two accounts, so I figured my alt account can use the physical copy that I know won’t arrive in time, and my main account can just use the digital copy and claim all the goodies now. Is anyone else picking up their copy of the game now, or are you waiting for token prices to fall? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Weekly Wrap Up [May8-May15]

Another week has come and gone – and while last week profit hovered around the 300k mark, this week profit reached 1,058,25g. Thanks in part to a whole lot of fishing I was doing. The strange goop used to originally be around 1500 casts average – when Blizzard boosted the drop rates of other items in the zone, it shifted to around 1000 casts per average. Last week I noticed that it shifted once again, and is back to the 1500 average per cast. Of course RNG being what it is, you might not catch one until 6000 casts (as is the case for a few over on WoWhead) or you might get lucky like me and catch one after 10 casts (this was the case last night). I’ve caught 38 strange goops over a three month period now (maybe four? I forget when ZM came out honestly) and I tend to stock up two on each server I play on, and then forget about them until they sell. Once they’ve sold I go and try to stock up again.

It was a great week for crafted goods. I sold a set of mage tower plate gear, and some glyphs. A handful of recipes and my other mish mash of randomness rounded out the rest of the sales. Of course strange goop was supreme, I sold 8 of them over the course of the week. I’ve set my price to 110k each, so that each sale nets me at least 100k once the AH cut is taken. It’s not ‘difficult’ to fish, but it sure is boring.

No great snipes this week since I only ran sniper here and there (I picked up more pallid bone for 1g each, as well as desolate leather for under 2g) as I’m still dealing with all of the real life stuff going on. This isn’t expected to change any time soon and will in fact get even MORE hectic, but I am going to do my best to continue gold making through it all. I am trying to max out my crafters so they can get started collecting patterns. I have a set of horde and a set of alliance on two separate servers and crafted goods are some of my best sellers (minus those goops). My crafters are all over the place when it comes to leveling, I didn’t ‘settle’ on who I wanted doing what until Shadowlands. Now I’m comfortable with what everyone is set doing, I have gathering on my gatherers, and I have four main characters that I enjoy playing the most set as my ‘crafters’ so that no one extra has to work faction. That means while SL is leveled up on everyone and the faction is taken care of – very little of the old world stuff is. I’m trying to get one expansion done each day but some of the old world ones use a LOT of materials, and let’s face it I’m not a person who enjoys farming. I’d much rather buy it off of the AH – but there are supply issues on my low population server. A lot of stuff isn’t sold any more. So I have to do a little farming here and there to level them up, then I can sell the excess or hold onto it and craft some transmog and useful old world items to sell.

How are sales going for everyone else? I’m finding things are pretty much average, which is what I expect on my low population servers. I have some pretty great days mixed with not so great and in the end it all balances out.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell (81-90)

Let’s do a recap for the new visitors to the blog. I’ve been running 100 runs of Sunwell Plateau (yes this is a raid zone before someone wants to explain to me that it’s not actually a dungeon) avoiding named, and killing trash for recipes / transmog / gems. Not only am I sharing what I loot in each group of 10 runs, but I’m hoping to give a more realistic view on what you can expect by tracking how much gold is actually acquired. It’s very easy to say “I ran 100 runs of this and LOOK I have a potential profit of 1,000,000,000 gold!” when in actuality the number is much lower.

Right now I’ve run the zone 90 times, which works out (rounded up) to approximately 9 hours of game play (in truth it’s just over half of that). I’ve made over 150,000 gold from actual sales / vendor fodder which puts my gph (gold per hour) at around 16,666 – which isn’t too bad considering I have a lot of items still for sale. I’m on a low population server, so things take some time to move. I’m also spreading out my dungeon runs weekly when you can easily do them closer together or do more dungeons. I put all of the dungeon run items on a single character so I can better track what I’m selling and so it doesn’t get mixed into my regular sales (then on the TSM chart I can just see what that single character sold). This also accounts for my posting fees and lets me know if I think doing this runs is ‘worth it’. Remember how you value your time is going to be unique to you. I can’t tell you if something is worth while to do, that’s just one of the things you learn through experience. While 16k gph is a bit on the low side, if I manage to sell the left over bits while no longer farming the zone, that gph will go up (minus the time it takes me to list the item). So far, Sunwell seems very much worth the time it takes to run it, but do be careful of burning out.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.