Weekly Wrap Up [June20-June27]

Not too shabby! This week there was a total of 907,972 gold profit. I barely spent anything (pretty typical for me at the end of an expansion) and most of my sales came from *drum roll please* strange goop.

I have been pretty lazy in restocking since we’re still unpacking the house and getting set up here (and I’m still trying to get things set up for streaming) so it’s really no surprise that my sales show that. I did get a little fishing done in the evenings when the minions headed off to bed, I really didn’t have the energy or willpower for too much more.

There were some other sales tucked in there too – the mage tower gear sold (it has a craft cost of less than 100g), we sold some level 60 shadowsteel gear (not speed pieces this time around), and a few pets. Things are (understandably) slowing down now that the nice weather is here and it’s coming up to the end of the expansion when we know it will all be replaced come December (or whenever Dragonflight releases, there’s some debate over that in the community, I know).

How are you keeping busy? Are your sales slowing down or are you going ahead full throttle? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Wrap Up [June15-June22]

It has been a little while! Almost a month, actually. I am finally moved across the country to my new house, in a new province, with new internet! That’s right, I no longer have the 5mbps internet that I’ve had for the past (almost) 3 years. That means gold making streams will be starting VERY soon! I’m hoping to launch that on the 25th of June. It has been years since I did any streaming, so I expect it will be a bit rough to start, but I’ll find my groove eventually.

I have tentatively started putting up my auctions once again. I haven’t done any crafting or farming but I did have a few strange goops left to get rid of, and then a bit of regular inventory. I haven’t been listing things while I’ve been traveling across the country, so sales have slowed down significantly.

Nothing especially unusual this week for sales, a few bits of crafted, some flipped items, (those leggings for 90k were a flip I bought for 50k, they’re only ilevel 2xx), a few pets, some goops. Dragonflight went on sale for pre-order, and the token responded accordingly and I think right now at the time of this post on NA it’s hovering around the 209k mark. I’m glad I managed to stock up beforehand.

I decided to pick up the physical copy of the game in the collector’s edition bundle because I have had a dream of owning all of the physical boxes for quite some time now – I know, it’s VERY late in the game to start collecting the boxes, but I decided this year would be the year I tried. I also bought the digital version of the game for my main account, using bnet balance that I had stashed a few months back. I do need two copies since I run two accounts, so I figured my alt account can use the physical copy that I know won’t arrive in time, and my main account can just use the digital copy and claim all the goodies now. Is anyone else picking up their copy of the game now, or are you waiting for token prices to fall? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Weekly Wrap Up [May8-May15]

Another week has come and gone – and while last week profit hovered around the 300k mark, this week profit reached 1,058,25g. Thanks in part to a whole lot of fishing I was doing. The strange goop used to originally be around 1500 casts average – when Blizzard boosted the drop rates of other items in the zone, it shifted to around 1000 casts per average. Last week I noticed that it shifted once again, and is back to the 1500 average per cast. Of course RNG being what it is, you might not catch one until 6000 casts (as is the case for a few over on WoWhead) or you might get lucky like me and catch one after 10 casts (this was the case last night). I’ve caught 38 strange goops over a three month period now (maybe four? I forget when ZM came out honestly) and I tend to stock up two on each server I play on, and then forget about them until they sell. Once they’ve sold I go and try to stock up again.

It was a great week for crafted goods. I sold a set of mage tower plate gear, and some glyphs. A handful of recipes and my other mish mash of randomness rounded out the rest of the sales. Of course strange goop was supreme, I sold 8 of them over the course of the week. I’ve set my price to 110k each, so that each sale nets me at least 100k once the AH cut is taken. It’s not ‘difficult’ to fish, but it sure is boring.

No great snipes this week since I only ran sniper here and there (I picked up more pallid bone for 1g each, as well as desolate leather for under 2g) as I’m still dealing with all of the real life stuff going on. This isn’t expected to change any time soon and will in fact get even MORE hectic, but I am going to do my best to continue gold making through it all. I am trying to max out my crafters so they can get started collecting patterns. I have a set of horde and a set of alliance on two separate servers and crafted goods are some of my best sellers (minus those goops). My crafters are all over the place when it comes to leveling, I didn’t ‘settle’ on who I wanted doing what until Shadowlands. Now I’m comfortable with what everyone is set doing, I have gathering on my gatherers, and I have four main characters that I enjoy playing the most set as my ‘crafters’ so that no one extra has to work faction. That means while SL is leveled up on everyone and the faction is taken care of – very little of the old world stuff is. I’m trying to get one expansion done each day but some of the old world ones use a LOT of materials, and let’s face it I’m not a person who enjoys farming. I’d much rather buy it off of the AH – but there are supply issues on my low population server. A lot of stuff isn’t sold any more. So I have to do a little farming here and there to level them up, then I can sell the excess or hold onto it and craft some transmog and useful old world items to sell.

How are sales going for everyone else? I’m finding things are pretty much average, which is what I expect on my low population servers. I have some pretty great days mixed with not so great and in the end it all balances out.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Wrap Up [May1-May8]

Alright, a little late today but let’s take a look at sales this week. I’m a far cry from the 1 million a week goal I had just a few weeks back, but I’ve adapted my current goals for real life that happens to be going on right now (moving across the country, attempting to buy first house, etc) – all that stress plus my two young minions means my already limited time is even more limited because let’s face it, I don’t always have the inclination to be go go go when it comes to making gold. In fact, at the end of the day more often than not all I want to do is just sit and do nothing at all. Or do my covenant tables, which are quite amazing these days since I have so many characters.

Anyway. This week was 363,923g in profit, a little over 420,000g in total sales. I spent some cash (I forget on what) and overall it was a pretty good week. That is, for how much time I actually spent doing things in-game (probably less than 30 minutes a day).

Sales this week involved a lot of crafted items. Some shadowlands crafted gear, some glyphs, my usual pets and transmog. Nothing was unusual or really stood out. I’ve been making gold on my low population realms for so long that it’s a fairly automatic system I have and doesn’t involve too much actual work these days unless I need to restock (which I still do, badly).

I’m not expecting things to get ‘better’ until around the end of June, so posts and gold making might become more sporadic over time, but I will certainly do my best. I do have some fascinating Rags to Riches blog posts in the works, so be on the lookout for those on Wednesday, and as always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Wrap Up [Apr24-May1]

I’m preparing for a big cross country move at the end of June, so my gold making has been put on a bit of a back burner while we get everything in order and take care of everything that involves. I’ve re-assessed what I want to make each week gold-wise while this is ongoing, and while my goal used to be 700,000g a week, I’ve decided a more realistic goal for myself is 100,000g a week. One of the many things I like about making gold in WoW is how fluid it is, and you can change it for any situation.

I’m fairly sure the drop rates of Strange Goop has been changed, I was getting them roughly every 1100-1300 casts, and now that number for the past week has been over 1600 casts (and I still haven’t caught one). Instead of continuing to focus on this, I’ve been doing more ‘fun’ stuff in game. You can see I finally sold some plate speed gear for 10k each piece (craft cost of roughly 1,500g) and I’m hoping to make more sales like that in the future. I did sell my last two goops, and I’ve been flipping the Swift Springstrider. I buy them at 10k or under, sell for 20k or over depending on how many are up. I know later they’ll go for even more, but I’m good with a 10k profit.

A few pieces of transmog, some fish, the pallid bones I bought to craft into bows which I sold to vendor. Nothing too impressive here. This week I’m going to be doing a major restocking on my two low population servers in the hopes that it tides me over for a bit.

Once we get moved and settled, I am planning on doing some chill gold making streams on both Twitch and YouTube. It’s been a few years, and I’m pretty excited, so be on the lookout for that.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Wrap Up [Apr17-24]

It was a fairly profitable week for gold – thanks to the strange goop, once again. I haven’t been doing much actual gaming but I did get a few hours of fishing done in replacement of my regular play time. Some days I had incredible luck, there was one day where I got a strange goop after 11 casts, and just when I thought I couldn’t beat that, I caught one after 5. It was probably the fastest 100k I’ve ever made. Of course it relies completely on RNG, but I sold 10 goops throughout the week and that feels pretty nice.

I’ve also been selling a few pieces of MoP crafted gear for a premium on my low population server. I am not sure if people are buying it for mage tower or for transmog, but either way, the sales I’ve been getting here and there for 10-14k are lovely when the craft cost is around 100g.

A few raws, a few recipes, and my usual collection of randomness rounds out the week. I need to do some heavy restocking, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. That war scythe in the list was a flip I purchased for 66g. It probably sold to another goblin because it looked like a deal to them – and I’m absolutely fine with that, I sold it fairly quickly (for transmog) and still made a very nice profit.

Side note, WOW have the mighty have fallen. I’ve been pricing progenitor essentia at around 2k on my low pop realm – and it’s not even moving at that price. I am very thankful for the weeks where I bought them for 15k and sold them for 30k, as short lived as that was.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Wrap Up [Apr10-17]

Significantly better this week when it comes to sales, I made over a million gold, which was also over a million gold profit. Last week my profit was 356,858g and this week I’m looking at 1,170,390. It just shows how much things can fluctuate – and how much you can make if you’re actively trying. This week I did more mission tables, more quests, and a lot more farming. I did zero shadowlands legendaries or 233/262 gear.

Most of the gold comes from selling the strange goop mount that I’ve been fishing up. I spend 1-2h fishing and sometimes longer when my hands are doing poorly due to MS. It’s one of the few activities I can do that don’t wreck havoc with my body, because there’s very little movement involved. I use the addon FishingBuddy that lets me bind fishing keys, and so far it has worked out lovely. I got VERY lucky with my casts this week. There were a few nights I was fishing 3 up in a two hour period. That’s not common for me.

I also managed to fish up a Great Sea Ray from BFA – much more rare than strange goop, so far I’ve only found one. Those BC plans that I looted while doing my 100 runs of Sunwell are on there, as well as the big red raygun I farmed a few of (and subsequently raised the price of). Interestingly enough my next largest sale is actually ZM fish. I’m not sure what they’re used in, but they’re selling pretty well. I did a little marrowroot farming, and there’s some of my usual mish mash in there as well, pets, crafted glyphs, a couch toy that I flipped.

I did also spend over 100k this week, mostly because I was testing out the new sniper addon and looking for things to purchase. Few of them have resold, but I’m hoping over time it will pay off. I have never been a big buyer, but I do like to browse. I’m also just not on enough servers nor do I have enough time to really play with the big goblins.

Still, for the amount of effort I put in I am incredibly pleased with this week’s wrap up. Goal is to keep it up – probably won’t happen, it’s going to be a very long week and then I have a cross country move looming, but I shall do my best!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Weekly Wrap Up [Apr3-Apr10]

It was a pretty poor week for gold making for me, and there’s really no excuse except that as I have mentioned before I have multiple sclerosis and sometimes it prevents me from playing – that’s what happened this week. I was able to relist my auctions, but I did zero farming, didn’t do any covenant dailies/weeklies, I didn’t craft, and didn’t make any progression in any ways that mattered. I still made gold – just not as much as I ‘normally’ make. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, making gold ebbs and flows, and I can’t blame myself for physical limitations. I have to realize that it’s simply a part of *waves hands* all this, for me.

Looking at where the gold came from – pretty easy to see. I sold two strange goops, some progenitor essentia (that continue to fall in price), and glyphs. Shoulder inscriptions also continue to be a nice seller, though I believe I need to restock (I actually need to restock on everything, slacker that I am). There is just so much to stock up on, and with my limited play time sometimes I find it overwhelming. I suppose I’m thankful that I’m not heavily invested in the legendary market.

Hopefully my health issues allow me to focus a bit more in-game this week, though I do have a major move across the country coming up in May, so I imagine gold making will decrease significantly until we’re settled in. In the mean time, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Wrap Up [Mar27-Apr3]

Since returning to WoW in February, I’ve been slowly growing my stock (I lost it all to expired mail) and optimizing my sales little by little. I worked on leveling some characters, swapping server around a bit, and grew slowly, re-learning the gold making game. This month I set a mini goal for myself to earn a steady 100k+ a day, and I’m very happy to say that for the past two weeks I’ve managed to keep that up.

The most surprising sales for me have been the strange goop. It took me a very long time to farm my first one (over 3800 casts) and then a few days later I went back, and I managed to find FOUR in a single evening of relaxing fishing. I’ve sold three of those, and I have two more to sell (one more if I ever actually do the mount for myself, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet).

Arcane crystals moved all over the map this week, I usually sell them for 500-800g a piece, but some competition moved in and had theirs priced at 200g – I still ended up with some sales at least. Prog essentia continue to fall, prices anywhere from 6k-4k on my low population (15k players according to Raider.io) realm.

A few pets, a few glyphs, my usual mash up of ‘a little bit of everything’ rounded out the week. The inscription shoulder enchants are doing particularly well, but again there’s also a lot of competition lately, and I don’t have time to cancel scan and fight off other goblins (nor do I wish I had that time, it’s just not my play style). I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up the gains, but it is nice short term at least.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts regarding gold making? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Wrap Up [Mar20-Mar27]

Well, it was a slower week for sales (540k vs. 711k) but I think it was a lot steadier which is lovely. I didn’t have any vendor sales to add to the week (last week it was 200k of vendor sales, gotta love those composite bows). My rough ‘goal’ is to be making around 100k each day on average, anything extra would just be nice. I’m getting closer to that, on my limited play time it does make things difficult.

The big surprise for this week was the haunted steel headguard, which I assume someone bought for transmog. This is a blacksmith item that costs roughly 20k to craft, so selling it at 85k was a nice chunk of change. Marrowroot was another fantastic seller, over 82k coming from that alone. At one point it was selling for 105g each piece – it has since dropped back down to 40g or so. It is all about being in the right place at the right time.

A few pet sales, a few transmogs, some glyphs. It’s my usual mash of everything (minus Shadowlands crafts, I’ve stayed away from the expansion for the most part). I focused a bit more on restocking glyphs, and collecting raw materials to either use (I leveled vanilla alchemy to 300 so I could make another transmute master) or to sell.

Of course the big news of the week was that TSM came down for a bit with some issues. Thankfully they’ve (mostly) recovered from their outage, they have a lovely blog post detailing it all here. Be sure to read up.