Gold Making Week in Review

It was a pretty fantastic week for gold making! Keep in mind I am NOT crafting the new items, and I am what I consider to be a casual WoW player. I step away often, I’m often AFK, and I average around 1-2h of actual game play per day (I usually have to decide: spend an hour harvesting or spend an hour doing my dailies? That’s just how it goes). I did make some changes to my gold tracking for convenience sake. Previously I was only tracking my two main servers. I was tracking them separately but I decided to just keep track of total gold across all servers. There’s no real reason except that it’s easier for me. I’m using altoholic to keep track of those numbers, and then checking the TSM ledger to confirm them. So far it is all adding up just fine.

This week I made roughly 432,000 gold in profit – probably in good part to flipping the new ‘pog’ craft material. I also spent a large portion of gold, I bought a token, I bought pog, and I also bought +speed gear for my new farming druid that I’m trying to gear up. I’ve never really done any farming before because my time is usually better spent making gold in other methods, but I’m finding it a nice change of scenery.

The month long profits have been fantastic for me. Remember, the more time you invest in this, the more your profits would be. People who can dedicate more time and resources (multiple accounts, multiple realms, 5+ hours a day, etc) will naturally make more gold than you. That’s simply the way it works. For the amount of time I put towards making gold, I am incredibly happy with these results.

In an example of why some methods work for some servers and not others – I purchased a new 9.2 crafted piece of gear that someone had priced at 21,000 gold. I am not sure if it was intentionally priced that low or not, but it was the only one up for sale. It happened to be mail boots, and I know mail is not very popular (few classes wear it) and boots are apparently not a popular slot either (I think a lot of people are going for rings and necklaces). Then the stats were versatility (what mail wearer is looking for that?). Anyway, I bought it for 21k and put it for sale for 50k. Pog essentia are selling for roughly 15-25k on my server. Flipping it this way put it at a nice profit for me, but still well below what crafting cost would be.

The item actually sat on the AH for two days before anyone came along and bought it from me. Yes, it did eventually sell, but it was what I consider for the piece a VERY slow sell. On other servers I watched people talking about the newly crafted items flying off the shelves – but not every server is the same. My server has no raid guilds and this is just one factor out of many that changes and affects the economy. Remember these points in your own gold making adventures, and take the time to learn your server. What sells and why. Then capitalize on it.

Gold Making Week in Review

7 days of sales

I am a charts and graphs sort of person – love them. The more, the better. Before TSM announced their ledger feature, I was manually uploading my CSV and creating my own graphs – I’m quite happy not to be doing this any more. I do still record gold earnings daily by hand but for more detailed accounts, I leave it up to the ledger.

Despite the typical slow down that happens right before a big patch (people holding off on purchases until it’s released) I did pretty well with sales this week. Keep in mind I play casually, and until this week I didn’t do any farming. I’ve been rebuilding my stock as I lost everything in the mail when I left for four months. I’ve been back one month (4 weeks) now, and things are finally gaining a bit of traction. I also play on two low population servers with a smattering of other servers in between where I keep an AH character but don’t actively ‘play’ the game. I have 12 level 60 horde, and 12 level 50 alliance split between two servers (I haven’t started playing alliance this expansion).

Since I’ve been away for 4 months, I haven’t bothered getting into the legendary market so late in the game. I stuck to markets I was already familiar with, and branched off of those.

I dabble in a few markets, including recipes, battle pets, transmog, and crafted goods (tailoring, glyphs, and jewelcrafting, though I have one of each crafter). While some things do sell slow, I seem to catch a broad range of buyers – and I like that, it keeps things interesting when it comes time for me to decide how I want to spend my evenings.

I don’t make millions a week like some of the bigger goblins out there, but I absolutely love playing this meta game, and I find their gold making habits incredibly inspirational. I’m content on the three servers I frequent, and the amount of time I currently devote to things. There is always gold making opportunities, you just need to listen and then go for them.

I have also done absolutely zero preparation for 9.2 which releases *checks notes* today. I’ve been watching the WoW Economy Discord and seeing everyone stockpile their components and discuss where they think their markets are headed, but honestly it’s just not something I’m interested in so I’m content to watch from the sidelines and see how it pans out for everyone. There’s plenty of gold to go around.

Happy gaming! No matter where you find yourself.